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NDC Forecast for 2015: Annual Predictions
Posted 1/7/16, Result of Project Año are here:
.docx   Project Año 2015 Summary.docx (Size: 41.53 KB / Downloads: 3)


The original article entitled, "2015 Predictions (Proj Año Results)," was posted in the blog at this link:

If you haven't already done so, it would be worth familiarizing yourself with the extra verbiage in the original article. This forum thread is dedicated for updates and discussion about 2015 predictions and events. When referring to anything related to the 2015 (or Project Año) dream material, please use the numbers attached to them (for linguistics and/or predictions) and the link to actual dream you're referring to (if applicable).

Useful links for 2015 dream content:
Original list of predictions:
Original list of Año linguistics:
Project Año dreams:

Main Topic Areas for 2015 Predictions:
Asia (for some reason this non-local region became pronounced during Proj Año)
Military Sphere
Political Sphere
Socio-Economic Sphere
Misc & General Calamity
Lower-Probability Headlines
BONUS Section: You-build it.

Just the Predictions (if you want or need the source documentation for the prediction, see the original blog entry; link above):
Año 01: Tanker truck crashes: poisonous gas flows though Chinese valley
Año 02: January 22, 2015 – Asia (China and/or Japan): New Medical Cure Discovery/Breakthrough
Año 03: July, 2015 – Couple implicated in failed open surgery medical trial causing death
Año 04 (Already fulfilled): Gruesome murder scene discovered, perhaps at a military base; doctors called in to assist forensics
(Related to Previous Headline with same supporting documentation):
Año 05: January – March 2015 (1st quarter) – Women control park in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico demanding a truthful information/investigation into the murder of 43 students…possible drug cartel involvement
Año 06: A new military brain project/procedure (may be considered mind control) is revealed or announced.
Año 07: (Timeframe: 90% 1st quarter, 10% 4th quarter) – Soldiers deployed on a military project/mission become sick
Año 08: Statistics revealed: more extended families (more than one family) living together and the associated problems
Año 09: Gold Market has major problems like a default or theft or a public acknowledge that some country’s gold reserves are (gasp) empty! Most likely Canada.
Año 10: Destruction of Europe (and/or this could be the) End of the Euro (or) Another round of economic crisis in Euro-land. (Fulfilled....see )
Año 11: Some type of monetary shift between May 23rd and July 31st, 2015. Notes: The actual nature of the shift is debatable, but the supporting documentation highlights the words “Transformation,” “New,” “Bright,” “Technology (to replace exchange),” and “Birth.” Therefore, the “Shift” here seems to imply something very new in terms of exchanging goods and services and so we might see the new Amero, perhaps a new Gold-backed currency, or maybe the Global Reset happens in this period of time. At any rate, expect some sort of coin transformation probably having to do with muddy credit issues and/or central prime rate problems.
Año 12: April 2015 – Barack and Michelle Obama are acknowledged/represented in some manner in an American Presidential Museum or the National Museum of American History; perhaps virtually.
Año 13: NYC and/or Tucson is in the news about being run like Hitler. Unsure how the President is involved in this, but the linguistics is pretty firm about the President being steel and perhaps being the one who refers to the Nazi mystery. Part of the dream aspect includes a strong inference about the military, probably being ill-equipped or poorly trained to accomplish their Nazi-like tactics.
Governmental Tsunami led by a steel president.

Año 14: January 2015 TIC re: Hitler/Nazi meme; on or about May 15, 2015 – Pope Francis announces sanctuary and begins recruiting the destitute.
Año 15: September 2015 – Ten year old boy reincarnated remembers a small life-changing act he performed in Nazi Germany 1933-1945.
Año 16: Beginning of 2015 (1st quarter) – A union/organization(s) of musicians launches protest
Año 17: November 14, 2015 – Electrical grid event disrupts communication; disaster planning initiated.
Año 18: Concert sinks during Fall timeframe in Australia
NOTE: There is a definite and striking overlap about a concert. Of the supporting documentation, it appears to be associated with Australia in the Fall timeframe. The actual event associated with the concert is not so clear, but we’ll go with the linguistics:rting documentation, it appears to be associated with Australia in the Fall timeframe. The actual event associated with the concert is not so clear, but we’ll go with the linguistics (concert sinks)...
Año 19: Spring of 2015 (2nd quarter) – During preliminary hearings re: two Wisconsin girls’ murder trial, the families of the accused come under scrutiny.

 (Año 20 has been deleted)

Año 21: People rescued from tour boat in trouble because of waves.
Has happened:
Año 22: March 2015 – Flooding in Pennsylvania
Año 23: Tourists stranded; can’t leave Hawaii by plane.
Año 24: Lisa Marie Presley Commits Suicide
Event of the Day – Feb. 18, 2015
Año 25: Dr. Michael Solomon wearing a white lab coat.
Año 26: Cigarette manufacturers introduce ‘four packs’.
This may already be in the works because this week I saw something about an intent to manufacture ‘pot’ cigarettes.
Año 27: Near the end of March 2015 – Medicine Hat Tigers Win the Cup
Año 28: Some college sports team loses a win [aka gold medal] because of the oversize of someone/something or something like too many players in the field/on the ice…wherever.
(lingo 19. station college familiar watched size enter below spot edge escape gold)

Bonus Section: Build a Headline

One of the DFers mentions that, “This set has turned my brain to porridge…. [Image: 010115_1752_ProjAoResul21.png]” In this set dream material, there are multiple ways to look at the overlapping documentation.  So what we’ll do is present the linguistics and dream snippets, and then pose some possibilities that we MIGHT see manifest sometime in 2015…

We’ll look at the linguistics first

20.   lived shoot toward stuck earth complete power (None of these words are on the Año ranking list.)
Some entity gets stuck moving toward complete power over the world.

21.   fully general noise involved wide position war (None of these words are on the Año ranking list.)
A lot of general noise is the result of a war stance.
24.   height crossing destination atmosphere truth available official (None of these words are on the Año ranking list.)
Some official says the truth is available about something crossing through the atmosphere at great height.
29.   accident shower direction friendly code number due minute ice appear energy (None of these words are on the Año ranking list.)
Code number launched the minute an accidental shower of an energetic something appears over ice.
…and Now, the Dream Overlaps

Scene 1:
[Bonnie] (scientist; testing snow for meteorite dust)

Scene 2:
[JC1005] (sanctuary from disaster; US calling China bluff; nuclear launch decision by women; missiles launched and counter attack; air compessor hose tangled in bicycle wheel)
Scene 1 or 2:
[California Kevin] (white clouds not rain or snow; northern hemisphere; maybe ash; late 2014, beginning 2015]
Scene 1 or 2:
16. SAW THREE (3) GIRLS LOOK UP TO THE SKYPossibilities:
POSSIBILITIES for Headlines based on all this material:

Año 29a: Huge divide is acknowledged in the General Officer corps of the US Military. Differing opinions are extremely wide and are beginning to negatively impact military ops (supported by lingo 21)

Año 29b: Rocket launch to disintegrate asteroid/meteorite misinterpreted as an act of war.
Año 29c: War stance unpopular with the general public; major protests develop.
Año 29d: Meteorite shower disables northern military command centers.
Año 29e: Launched rocket spins out of control and strikes land.
Año 29f: January – March (1st quarter) Meteorite causes northern volcano to erupt.
Año 15: It's not a hit, but it is in the same genre. I'd call this a warmup:
Ooohh, Ano6 is a given! Early this year the pentagon? floated the idea that they are considering using "brain implants" of some digital nature for trying to heal PTSD! insanity that it is. (There already exists a self-awareness mental observational exercise from a now-retired Army Colonel that has brought even claim of healing, and much improvement in others with PTSD)

Ano7 can easily fulfill if, God-forbid some soldiers deployed to Ebola-country do become infected.

Ano9, yep,another "given!" Did Germany ever get theirs back?! Oh, and who asked more recently for theirs? Dang, countries trusted the USA to hold their gold?! Not me, I woulda never trusted any other nation. Sounds patently unwise.

Ano10 sounds very likely, but Ano11 sounds like a given, IMO. Oh man...even having likely dates? Sure, I feel that by late-spring we're tested to our bone-marrow while I remain thankful that "timing" is the fluid part of this and maybe it just won't be. I see a new digital currency and banking online? We old farts will be forced to do that along with everyone, no cash and no writing checks. As has been said for decades it will erase some of the oldest types of crimes known to man. Imagine almost no reason to snatch a purse, etc. But, the tyranny attached to it will be unprecedented.

Ano13, I wish this sounded like tinfoil hat material, but nope. Not anymore....

Ano17, wow y'all have dates again! how didja do this? Amazing! oh it EMP or another Carrington from the sun, right before the holiday season starts. changing in every possible way.

Ano24, wow y'all have a likely name! I've got to bring up the page of original bot runs by number and see how this was decided.

Ano 20, very realistic suggestion, even biblical.

Ano24, this one screams "disclosure" per UFOs and what they are or are not, in fact this official could finally disclose that some of the most-fascinating UFOs are of course ours, another nation's on earth, or both.

Ano29, rut row someone's going to launch a nuke??

Tickle on Añ10 already:
Just a tickle on #7. Perhaps it will actually be reported if something goes amiss sooner or later in the year.
(01-02-2015, 01:31 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: Año 15: It's not a hit, but it is in the same genre. I'd call this a warmup:

I hope I am not out of line but Fox and the Times of Israel are not reliable sources.  They have bashed the Germans for decades as it furthers their agenda.  The Germans did not have atomic capabilities; they had one small steel mine, very little radioactive materials and no petroleum.  They did do tests with heavy water, had antigravitational technology and subs that had to surface less than ours today.  The info was channelled to them thru the Vril and Thule society's.
Fair enough.  I can certainly believe the germans were working on a bomb, they had better scientists than we did.  But they didn't pull it off, in fact the US hadn't even finished the bomb by the time the war in Europe ended.  (Why didn't we use the bomb on Germany, because it didn't exist.)   The Manhattan scientists were predominately German, we took them leaving Germany fewer scientists to make that happen.  
My point was Fox stated, "Nazis had tested nuclear weapons during WWII."  No they were working on it as the NewHistorian site points out,  "Although it is accepted that the Nazi’s had an atomic bomb project of their own, it’s usually assumed to have been a long way from actually producing a functioning nuclear weapon."  So it wasn't a WMD factory, it was a research center.  I'm a bit precise about history, our books are wrong.
You are right.  I didn't know the debate, the jury is still out and the evidence doesn't add up.  Safe to say they had capabilities beyond ours.
Uh, another tickle on such an unlikely prediction (that is Año 29B) "Año 29b: Rocket launch to disintegrate asteroid/meteorite misinterpreted as an act of war."
...and another asteroid link...

...and another
(01-05-2015, 07:06 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: ...and another asteroid link...

...and another

This is a quote:
"The usual 'space junk did it' explanation is an obvious reaction to cover up any possible threat or omen coming from without our globe, as well as a calming agent to a very deep seated fear in the collective human psyche; the association of meteors and large scale human suffering."
NASA = Never A Straight Answer
A big warmup for the 29 series of predictions.
(01-06-2015, 08:59 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: A big warmup for the 29 series of predictions.

Something similar happened in Brazil.
Looks like Año 10 might be more accurate than we thought (destruction of Euroland):
You know what, I remember seeing something about Citi being the next AIG.....but in 2015?
dropped in for a brief moment to 'catch up' before work.
thought I would offer this diddy to keep abreast; I haven't forgotten my beloved DreamTeam.
Not a news headline per se but fits the bill and not something that would necessarily hit MSM >

16. SAW THREE (3) GIRLS LOOK UP TO THE SKYPossibilities:

UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California
I expect this year that several of the "too big too fail" institutions crash, even if they have to fake their books, but then oil crash can help this along. They would cook their books for a crash since The Fed sent out the directive of no more bail-outs, but "bail-ins." This will happen this year so they can steal more of our money. Were I a wealthy gambler, I'd put money on this instead of anything in the market directly.

(01-07-2015, 11:27 AM)NADW Wrote: Chris,

I wonder if that would also include my "Citi bank collapse, and unregulated markets"
(01-05-2015, 11:45 AM)NADW Wrote: I think that's why Chris said:  It's not a hit, but it is in the same genre. I'd call this a warmup...

Agreed, NADW.

Now that this discussion appears to be over, I noted that articles about this began to appear on December 30-31, 2014. In the New Year Bot (December 30 - January 3) there were the words - employee studying German aged gear casually digital nuclear stack potential

It's always fun to look back..... Cool
Ay yes, DreamBot2 was the famous phrase maker, and it's predecessor DreamBot1. On my free time, my next little project will be to take Grady's DreamBot1 and make it automated in our new DreamBot4, although I think this might be a much bigger beast that I imagine.

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