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May 20: "NOT GOOD"
Dreamer Pat could not submit a dream, so I agreed to submit it into the DreamBase, but I can no longer submit a dream, either, and that is applicable to IE, Firefox, and Chrome. I can only get into the back end and download all the dreams. So as my designer is enduring through the coding challenges of our new site, we hold our breath to see whether the ol' DreamBase can last until the big transition.

So, here's Pat's latest sent via email:

i noticed one of my dreams was not recorded and when i tried to submit the second i could not connect. the first dream i was looking at some mountains, barren, like the rockies but i dont know where this was. of a sudden there was a horrific shaking so hard i could hardly make out the outline of the mountains. the motion was so violent i became nauseated. the second dream was a voice that said "may 20 or 22, NOT GOOD".
Nostradamus predicted a horrible earthquake in the month of May. Hasn't happened yet and yes, this could be the year.
If it's an area that's been overdue for many, many years then I would think the quake may be larger than even expected.

We are in a Shemitah year. April is the next blood moon I think.
Yes, April is the next blood moon.

In 2012, I was at a breakfast with several people, one of whom was USGS geologist, specialty was earthquakes. I commented that I had been monitoring earthquakes and there had been several big ones around the entire Pacific Rim but none up the west coast of the US. I said it seemed to me that would create a problem, with one area not moving while others were. He looked at me over his forkful of scrambled eggs for at least a half minute before commenting that the Berkely area was known to have big earthquakes and was long overdue but no one was leaving the area yet. I said that didn't answer the question. He said no, it didn't, and then continued eating his eggs. I realized he had answered the question, in a roundabout way.

Second thought: I've been instructed by my guides/team to stay away from the entire west coast until further notice. They wouldn't indicate why beyond it would not be safe for me.

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