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1/15/15 Annoying Pier Ocean Accident
Wow, was Nanny right or what? Group one pretty much solidifies that the linguistics was beckoning an ocean accident, and “Annoying Pier” is reminiscent of the disastrous oil leaks that happen every so often. Just so you know, we are in a major lull, but I remember last time that happened, and the seemingly lowly linguistics suddenly became more descriptive and accurate. Thus, I don’t like Group 2 either, which seems to indicate a series of explosive devices in a theatre building. Remember we are still waiting on the entertainment venue hiccup, and so now we have a clear overlap in lingo.

For group3, I have a link. Just remember where you heard it first: The NDC not only called the Ferguson protests contrived, but we did so ahead of time. This link is from the Washington Times of all places, and implicates George Soros as the man (and money) behind the civil uprising. What they fail to mention is how this dude has done it time and time again all across the globe. I’m enjoying the fact that it almost appears now like he FAILED this time! Uh oh, collective consciousness is rising too fast for the manipulators.


UP Words:     annoying pier ocean accident congratulations gab pizza scout theatre checkout devices building circumstances beasts party grounds suburban maintain wild nonsense belong tape organize animals cleared pops creature joining standard barrel ensure decorated elsewhere

DOWN Words:   appear oil beer smile bullets interesting snow good wave invited sun wow feed awesome cities support bear lightning mutual tar astral request icon remove alt ass generic wrapping notified awake
Some of the basic terms used by the oil industry can be confusing. One of the things a ship that carries oil is called, is a "tanker." Yet I found news articles from 2012 and 2013 and in at least one of them, storage tanks at an oil storage facility are called "tankers" instead of just tanks. OR....did they mean that they also park oil ships at the storage facilities??

Will lightening be part of this story, if this is what it's about? could be, but may not be so.

Pier may be just that or be referring to an oil platform.

Group 2 sounds the scariest indeed. Does "scout" maybe go with "congratulations and pizza?"
A predicted attack on water...
(01-15-2015, 03:48 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: A predicted attack on water...

This seriously plays into one of the November headlines..... a few months late.

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