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Throwing a Wrench in Things
It seems none of the available browsers are allowing me to put in my dreams. So I hope this is the correct place to put them.
There are tons of dreams I need to put in, but I'll just start with the most recent - the one I had last night. Its really been eating at me for whatever reason:

In this dream I am standing somewhere looking at this HUGE clock tower. I feel like I am anxiously awaiting something, but I don't really know what. All I know is that it seems like I have been waiting FOREVER. I think to myself that the time must be really important, otherwise why would I even be standing in front of a clock tower? So I look up and I am shocked to see the face of the clock. The numbers are not 1-12, instead, I see 2001 -2012. I wonder what kind of strange clock this is that would count years instead of minutes and who would build something like this? And what would happen once the clock struck 2012? Whats more, I knew that 2012 had long since come and gone, so what was up with this clock? The dates on its face were somewhat recent... but the clock itself looked so very old.... and it had an old image on it. I've seen this image around ALOT, usually as some sort of home decor. The image of a circle where half of the circle was the sun and the other half was the moon. In the dream, it gave the clock a sort of medieval feeling... or at least to me it did.

Also, something else that seemed weird, the hand of the clock was wiggling, but not moving. It was stuck on 2011. For some reason this REALLY upset me. I just sort of cocked my head to one side as I watched the hand wiggle, hoping in my mind that it would straiten itself out. Maybe it was my OCD, but it seemed like everything about this was driving me nuts!

Then I looked down just in time to see some shady looking figures go into the base of the clock tower. I felt scared for a moment for some reason and paced back and forth for a bit until I decided that I wasn't scared, I was ANGRY. I got SO ANGRY that I could feel my cheeks burning, so I went into the base of the tower after them.

Once inside, it was very dark, but I could see many people in there fiddling with the clocks mechanical guts. Many of them were hunched over doing things that I couldn't quite see because they had hooded capes on that blocked my view, but then there were others dressed in very fancy clothes.

I watched one nicely dressed man in particular walk up several flights of stairs, and very calmly throw a great, big wrench into the gears that, I guess, moved the clock's hands. I wanted to scream at him from the top of my lungs...not out of fear, but out of anger. Just before I did, some guy grabbed my shoulder and shook his head. I complained that I was going to miss "The birthday party" because of these jerks, but he told me not to worry. I just needed to wait a bit longer because one of two things was going to happen. Either the wrench would snap in two and the clock would continue, or there would be a huge explosion and the guys messing with it would end up accidentally blowing themselves up . Either way, the clock would reach the end of its cycle. Until then, he said, I needed to go home and prepare for the party. I decided that he was probably right. It seemed like it was going to be an awesome party and when I took a second to observe myself, I saw that my clothes were a bit raggedy. I wanted to go home and find something nicer to wear, fix my hair and fix up my makeup... in fact, when I realized how horrible I looked, I felt a bit embarrassed to even be out of the house. I was sure that with a bit of work, I would be the life of the party, and got really excited thinking about it!

I left the clock tower with the man and decided to look back at it one last time before leaving. When I did, and saw the hand wiggling as if it were really struggling to hit 2012, I wondered what would happen after it did. Would it then reset to hit 2001? I was just about to ask the guy about it when I woke up from a good slap to the face from my new baby.

[Image: sun_moon.png]
I can't post the entire dream....

January 7/8, 2015

Out of the corner of my right eye, I see a large as life man, wearing camo, gloves and a face mask, point and shoot off a rocket launcher that strikes the clock tower........... The tower explodes, flinging debris.
I have hope, hope that Elyse's dream is an update of Sherriann's, and that those attempting to blow the clock up, to rush destruction, are going to fail. We're going to make it to the appointed time of our destiny.

Can't know if my hunch is false or right, so I'll just hope that these two dreams do mean that some evil that is being perpetrated soon is going to fail and boomerang on the perps. We've got a bit longer time than they think we have.
Welcome back, Elyse! I was just hoping we'd have the new website up and running before you made it back, but you beat us and I'm glad to see you here and doing well (I assume Smile) And, by the way, yes, this is the correct backup location for dreams until we get the new one up and running.

Okay, your dream sounds like a potential turn into what Mr. Koo was talking to you about. I almost get a timelessness sort of feel. 2012 is already passed, but yet the clock is about to hit it. 2001 is dead ahead, but yet here we are in 2015 (already). Meanwhile our 2014 and 2015 years are popping in and out together in our daily bot runs. The future is in the past, and the past is yet to come. It sounds like 4th Density (5D) to me, folks. Gear up and let's get a move on. Here we go to the next vibrational sequence.....where time is no longer linear. In fact, time as we know it doesn't even exist, but a figment of our imagination.

Notice that you're excited about the party, even though you don't feel ready for it. Yep, we're ready to move on past the fabricated wars and fake economic prison. As seen from the failed Ferguson race riots, humanity is ready for the next challenges in a completely different reality, which begins at a much higher level of consciousness.

Great to hear from you Elyse, and if I may make a suggestion about your dreams: This area is just a temporary depository for dreams until the new database is set up. My point is that don't make this your only repository for dreams. Please keep a copy of all your new dreams on your own hard drive, as I may need those for the transition. I already have all the DreamBase dreams good to go and ready for import, but I'm not so sure that this forum threading will be conducive to extracting and transferring dreams. Therefore, we would LOVE to read your new dreams, but just don't make this area the only place you keep those new dreams. Hope that makes some sense. Feels like I'm talking in circles. Smile

Sweet dreams to you and baby!!
Thanks for the warm welcome back, Eagle1! Yep, I am very well and probably a bit more smug than I have ever been now that I have a little girl! It's been fun to reflect on my dreams of her from even before I knew I was pregnant and to watch her develop into EXACTLY what I saw in my dreams! Certainly proof that dreams are very powerful things ~

So... this is the first I've ever heard of 5D. Now THERE'S something to wrap your head around! What a concept! Maybe they have nothing to do with each other, but I am reminded of another dream I had about space and the moon. I guess I will need to type that dream up next since I had it the night before this dream. Also... after googling "5D" and thinking on it a little harder, I am reminded of the dream I had where the bread was growing around the door frame. But, because dreams can have SO MANY meanings I wonder about the clock tower overlap as well. Hmm... I guess "time" will tell. *dorky laugh*

I'll be sure to keep all of my dreams saved on my hard drive and I can't wait to see the new website! It seems like I've missed out on a lot!

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