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Walking from Chicago back to Detroit
Since I couldn't submit this to the dreambase, I'm submitting it here. I had no intention for this dream.

My dream started and I had parked my pick up truck in a parking garage. There was a security guard - he had the voice of one of the gritty cops from the early seasons of Law and Order, I can't remember the actor or character's name at this point. At the time, I did not know where I was. I have forgotten what the security guard said.

I don't know how, but I had now flown to Chicago. I don't know which airport, Midway or O'Hare. But I knew it was Chicago. I also don't know why I'd flown there. I was finished with whatever business I had, and for whatever reason I decided I was going to walk back. To Detroit. I don't know where Detroit came from in this case. I had a wristwatch, which was apparently GPS enabled. It did not specify directions, but it would show an arrow if I needed to go left or right.

I began walking. I was going through the streets. Occasionally the watch would give me a left or right signal, indicating I needed to turn. Sometimes it had me go through buildings. The architecture in the buildings was very odd; I would go up stairways, but the stairways were not straight; they were at 45 degree angles, and the stairway was a corner.

I finally got to a dead end. I was at the entrance to a military base. There were numerous other people, that were getting onto a tram. The same security guard at the "Detroit" airport was now a general, and was telling the contractors what they needed to do, in the same voice of the Law and Order character. Even though I had just walked up, I apparently had the choice of joining the other contractors and going onto the base. I decided at that point that I must have missed a turn, and decided I should turn around and go back to the airport and just take a plane back "home". (I should point out that while I was born in Detroit, I have not lived there in over 35 years, and have not had business in Chicago at any point).

While walking back, I noted the strange architecture that I had to go back through, where I was going up and down staircases that were the corners of the rooms. In some cases, there were tree branches blocking my way back that were not there on my way out. I went past a bicycle park on the way back that I had not passed on the way out. Everyone was packing their bikes up and locking them; they had put what looked like parkas around their bikes to keep them warm. I recall one man was telling his son "we need to get this done quick, so I can get home and play video games with my friends". The man was black and had a young son. The man was taking his son back to his car, it was a pick up truck. It was getting dark, cold, and windy. I myself did not have thick clothes or a jacket on, but I was fine.

Prior to reaching the airport, I came upon a park. The security guard/general with the voice form Law and Order was not in the park. He was a very distorted dward - short, but with an enormous head. There were two other dwarfs with him, similarly distorted with small bodies and enormous heads. I don't know why, but my sense of one of the dwarves was that he was a distorted version of the character Mick Shrimpton, from "This is Spinal Tap". The Law and Order character was telling me I could join them. The park was made up of very large cement pipes. The pipes were white, and large enough to walk into. Out of one of the cement pipes, there was an arm, where I apparently could go and grab the hand, and my sense was it would pull me in. The whole scenery of the park seemed very distorted. I chose to walk away. I woke up at this point.


I was born in Detroit, but have not lived there for 36 years, it is not home. I have been to Chicago, but none of the dream struck me as downtown Chicago.

I have not seen the show "Law and Order" in a very long time.

None of the dream struck me as being residual of anything from the previous day. My day was spent fighting fires to get an IC mask release finished from the moment I woke up. I did not actually get to look at much of anything on the internet. The only TV I watched was the LA Clippers losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Thanks for the dream, MTB! I apologize for the inconvenience of pushing you over here to the forum, but I sure do appreciate that you found it. I also like being able to comment on dreams, and so that will be one of the big changes in the new website, which is over 50% done. Fingers crossed, we'll get this new site up and running in no time!

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