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geometric forms - black room
astral view into square - key words from word run I saw this morning-19th jan. dream date 19th jan 2015.

I am in a dream, and i keep getting pulled further away from the images i am seeing by this unseen, annoying salesman type, who keeps pulling my focus out like a camera lens in order to show me the different lens shapes i could be having my dream in. I feel like i am in one of those black rooms that you see in police shows where they are observing an interview or witness, unseen behind a two-way mirror. There is no mirror though, when my focus gets pulled out the salesman says, 'you could be having this dream through a circular porthole, or a square one, or a hexagon'…its seems there are 6 options and i am very frustrated and annoyed and i try to re-focus on my original and say it important but I cannot get back in to see the dream i was having.

This salesman/jester/circus ringmaster type is re-occurring in this one 'world' that i dream of frequently over the last year or so. This world has a texture of a world totally upside-down and backwards. I always have the impression that this person is lying to me or trying to sideline what i truly think or want to see when i am here. I catch sidelong glances between 'actors' in the dream, who then go back into their 'welcome to disneyland' crazed smiles. Some people are in techicolour and some people are in black and white, everyone is busy going and coming like rush hour in a big city but no one except me seems to be bothered by the total oddness of this place. I have conclude that this is the 'dead zone', where dead people continue along as if they are alive in their own time. — bizarre one i know. Anyway this deadzone has gatekeepers who seem to want to distract your attention when you are their like crazed tour guides not trying to show you something all the time.

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