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perfume, journalists, water, bath, bed, coil,
right so this is going to sound like a random set of madness, but as a few things stood out really shockingly i will try to at least list the words images and sensations.

Dream- a fully clothed young charming man with light red hair and glasses was sort of posing at the side of the bed i was actually sleeping in with the covers sort of draped over his legs. He said he was a journalist a from a " something with 2 syllables , scathwatcher or gawk catcher" its gone now. he said laughingly that you don't want to be drunk when you are dealing with those guys. Maybe spy catcher….and he did bare a striking resemblance to Edward Snowden. then there was some sort of alluring feeling and he tried to kiss me. I suddenly came to my senses and said 'you are not my husband' (who is a journalist) at which point i smelled the most beautiful perfume i have ever smelled. It was so amazing that i woke up. -

I was almost expecting someone to be spraying perfume in my face. I have certainly has sense experiences in dreams like eating great food or cool water etc.. you know the sort of thing but this was so heavenly and strong i could still smell after i woke up. I also had the feeling that someone had waved this over me and it was a man in a black cape, but for a split second. I went back to sleep.

Dream-I walk down an unknown to me corridor to get my husband and i find him in this beige brown bathroom standing clothed and furious in a bath full of dirty water holding this massive angular vase with dirty stalks of bamboo left in it, that he said spilled everywhere. Even though the door was open there was water knee deep in the bathroom. And there was no way a vase could have contained all this water. Finally he walks off into this really brightly coloured room, a bit brothel like, with all this crazy red silks and pink stuff, he offers me a present of this horrible top as a present, made of like women's tights and turns away from me and sleeps although now its daytime, i look out the window and realize we are quite high up with a big window in a tower block. I accidentally snag the top on a wooden splinter on the table. then all of these people are suddenly in the room, friends and people i like chatting, telling jokes. One friend says her father -in law, phil accidentally ordered a coil instead of a burger because he made a mistake in french. she thought it was hilarious but we were polite but a bit puzzled. just before i wake up, this scenario is wiped from my sight and a huge angry face with his index finger pointed, touching the middle of my forehead like a gun, i thought it was a gun first (nose to nose) black and brown, with furrowed lines on his face shouting 'you will forget this'.. i woke up and at this point realize there is a huge and important thing i have had plucked from my memory. (And i have no idea now but the words elephant and banana come to mind. no sense there for me.) — this may not be relevant at all.

just one cultural clarification, expressions cannot be directly translated. they make no sense at all. So in french the expression 'the straw that broke the camels back" is translated as the last drop of water that make the vase overflow' i don't know if its relevant.

thanks (the most sensational was the perfume though)

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