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3 solid weeks of food…..
….food dreams __Dream fragments,

1. i am in the other world, where i go in my dreams frequently. I know it"s not here. It looks like rural greece or macedonia, where building in the village are made of beige sandstone and seem to grow out of the ground instead of being built. Anyway i know my way around now, and recently i gave directions to someone else there…hehehe its funny because i have the worst sense of direction in this world. So, there was a festival and each person was given a course, i was given a dessert, then you were paired with someone else and after finishing cooking you had to swap your dessert with that person and present it as your own. I made a fruit tart the size of a table and was so proud. They exercise was to not be connected to the outcome. It was a ritual to make you less egotistical. You did your very best but then pretened someone else's dish was yours. I went to the house of the blond woman who i was to swap my dessert with, and there were two woman trying to make two cupcakes or muffins, still with the paper on, into a pie. I said thats not going to work and they said of course it was, it was all slipping and sliding their invention and i said i wouldn't swap. they seemed really disappointed as did everyone else who i explained my problem to. Oh they said, you should not have offended them, even if they didn't try. I felt this was nonsense and went along……..

more later, a bit sick now

So this is a waking dream, rarely happens to me, but my fingers were playing with my scarf as i was reading and after a while i looked down at the scarf i bought years ago in Istanbul, i assumed it was one of the many pashminas i had bought over the years working there, but i looked and i saw Jim Thompson on the label, and it all came flooding back to me. I was at a market for tourists now i assume, carpets, crockery silks, hookahs etc… and i picked this one out because it was the color of the ocean, stunning. turquoise. When i bought it, the merchant said it was very special because it had come from Jim thompson, who had saved the world of silk, but then he walked into the woods one day and was never seen again. Now i have heard many stories from merchants but that one stuck with me. So today 10 years later i decided to look him up.

many book have been written on him but i had no idea he was also a sort of spy…you can read above. Its unlikely at his age now that he will suddenly walk out of the high mountains, but the day-dream was so vivid i thought i would write it.

I am going to take a few days off the forum to make sure i am not just dreaming of the words i see the night before, and you leave you happy dreamers for a while. I am terribly upset by the last dream run of yesterday for me, about the bombs doll hugging, to me its a photo to come, one i don't want to see. so tae it easy, over and out - g

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