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2/11/15 Red Alert for Summer's big Audition
LOL! do I dare say what IMO, Group 2 is?! Oh heck, yeah. Group our scorned liar-in-MSM being offered a job by BO? Uh huh....sounds likely but when I read this thread I may have my mind opened to another likely idea.

Group 1....oh no, is late-spring bringing the dreaded eruption of society?! Will those fires the left's radicals always start when they loot, start then? God-forbid, is this what we're so close to? the banking collapse, or what will cause it?

Can't resist reading Eagle1's notes, like now~

Eagle1, I'm very thankful that your hunch for "seals" is the ones in Revelations of the Bible. I actually stop myself from thinking in bible terms sometimes because I think I'm being too literal. I think I've done this before concerning politics, too....when whatever some meme is, it is what it is, period. I think I may also think I've got to look for metaphors first, for many things.

I'm wondering if "lucid seals" is the idea for today, actually belonging together. We often live in a dream state especially before finding the value of self-awareness meditation/prayer.

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