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Lingo+Dream overlap! Demon Storms
Folks, this is officially a meme now. Specifically Demons and seemingly storms

All in one day:

1. DreamBot #2 word: Demon (even congrats to the demon!)

2. Big time dream from a newbie: Demons coming out of clock

3. Rebecca seeing another dream and commenting that the storm reminded her of a demon:

We need to get on this one asap!
Lets not limit ourselves here -
1. Consider Demons as a ball team... Clocks are used in ball games (time outs, running the clock, last play etc)
such as Northwestern State/NSU football and baseball team out the DEMONS of Louisiana that plays the Midwest and Southern conference teams. Athletics NCAA Division I – Southland
Nickname Demons / Lady Demons
Congrats would fit here...winning etc. We may be looking a potential location here.
2. Also there are VIDEO games with Demon themes such as this:
As I recall video games can be quite violent weapons, bloodletting and all.
3. Recall the novel/movie "Angels and Demons" so we may be looking at church/religious/political-state entities DOing and BEing up to no good. The Vatican is not beyond that by the way, I do recall angel was a meme term recently too.
Here is a clip from Google, "Angels & Demons careens from enlightening epiphanies to dark truths as the battle between science and religion turns to war.
Now consider Gern's recent P2 on disclosure. May be there is a battle brewing between science, politics and religion on this one. Looking for headlines in that area now too.
Looking for headlines that cover it all, ghost ghouls and Halloween too- that's still in October isn't it? NO one changed it?.
Hopefully (remember I am a P2 here) that tricks, pranks and false flags can come in trick or treat form- BOO ! Not in my reality !!
Great scott, that's a super observation. We haven't seen sports in the dreams yet...or rather...we haven't CONSIDERED sports in the predicitive headlines yet.
quick note-
Saw this as I noodled around for headlines on Chris' money dream. Of all things I did not expect this
bizarre headline.
"10 Foot Demon Materializes on New Orleans Street!"
Saturday, October 4, 2014 9:42 (Video)

It occurred to me when I posted last week about demons (and angels) in a sports league that it could also determine location.
I saw the Louisiana NWU Demons as a possible location... bingo!
However, I also noted a few articles here and there about Jinns and shadow figures
suddenly cropping up all over. I think the veils between dimensions is thinning. May be the photon belt after all.....
Both demons and angels were in the bots that week.

Now for an angels headline: that also includes the bot term 'league' in the same stream.
"(Angel) Fan in critical condition after beating in Angel Stadium parking lot Friday"
Yahoo Sports‎ - 6 hours ago
KABC-TV News in Los Angeles reports that a 43-year-old fan and his cousin who attended Game 2 of the American League Division Series ...
Brilliant work there, Awakened!

I also see demons not always as a literal spiritual being but as a metaphor for a personal "fear-phobia-influence-weakness" etc.
I apologize that I haven't found the clock and demon dream referenced earlier but just as an example, demons emerging from a clock for me might be the feeling of being plagued by a deadline/deadlines and the fear of running out of time.

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