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Volcanoes and Beetle Stew
I had some pretty wild and vivid dreams last night/ this morning, so I decided to get up extra early so I wouldn't forget anything.  I'd like very much to know what other people make of these...

I can't remember much of the first dream...I was in some kind of real life video game. Everyone had on some kind of helmet (like some sort of football helmet) and were in a virtual reality that effected real life. I know that these killing games are all the rage now, but they have never been my cup of tea, and the whole point of this game was to survive while killing off everyone else until there was no one but the victor remaining. And worse, once you had that helmet on (at birth I guess), that was your world. There wasn't supposed to be a way to just up and log out. You forgot that you were in a game. Somehow I knew, though, and instead of struggling like everyone else to survive the game, I ran away and hid behind a huge roundish boulder and put every ounce of energy I had into breaking free from the spell of the game. It was particularly hard to focus with all of the screaming and gun shots, and it was hard to not want to run back into the game to try and save the children that I saw lost in it. But I had this thought that if I could get out of the game, I could go around and take off the virtual reality helmets of anyone I found stuck in the game, so I had to take deep breaths and try and block out everything going on around me while somehow still paying very close attention to it, then use every ounce of spirit/ mental energy I had to break through the virtual illusion of the game. At the time, I took notice of a man who was 'winning' the game nearby. He was getting closer to me and I was fairly sure that if he found me, it would be game over. If you died in the game, you died in real life... This man was a ridiculously tall and crazy buff black man. (We're talking 6 1/2 - 7 feet tall here!)  He looked like a body builder AND he was armed with these massive guns. Machine guns maybe. (Can you say overkill?)  I, on the other hand, am around 5'5" or 5'6" and had no weapon. After he had killed everyone else in the area, he made his way towards me. JUST before he could peak around the boulder, I managed to break through the virtual reality's spell! When I snatched my helmet off, my eyes adjusted to real light and I saw the man throw his arms up and cheer for himself. Then he paused. He looked to his left and then to his right and let his arms down and slowly walked off. I had to imagine that he was thinking "what now"?

Anyway, not knowing what to do, I decided to visit a place I had known in the virtual world to see if it really was what I had been made to believe it was in the virtual reality. I decided to visit the house I had grown up in. On my way, I kept passing by these little volcanoes. I kept getting the feeling that they were going to erupt at any moment, so when I came across them, I would try to hurry past them. But then I came across a little cluster of 5 foot tall volcanoes. Right there on the cluster was a cardboard box of tiny, precious kittens... so of course I had to rush to save them. I mean, just one little spark would mean game over for the kittens... but when I took the box and started off with it, as if it were some sort of glitch or something, another box of kittens appeared! And when I grabbed and set that box down, another box of kittens would appear! It was madness. And being the kind of person I am, this was a sort of hell for me. So then, I put ALL of the kittens into one box and carried that box over to the volcanoes... then instead of picking up the entire box on the volcano, I started pulling kittens out of it and placing them with the kittens I had in my box. Then, before more kittens could appear, I lifted this ridiculously heavy box with probably more than 50 kittens in it and rushed away knowing that I couldn't save anymore if they were to appear. I didn't hear or see more kittens appear, but in my mind, I felt so guilty wondering if they did and if I had just left them all to be burned alive in that box... I would come back and try to save more later if I could. If the box didn't burn up. I thought to myself for some reason "Wow... this must be how God feels sometimes..." Every once in a while, I would have to stop and pick up kittens that would jump out of the box which proved to be SO exhausting. I wished I had the kind of energy the kittens did, but it seemed like my energy was low from breaking out of the virtual world and dealing with that re-appearing box...

Anyway, when I arrived to my childhood home, I noticed a cluster of volcanoes on the back porch. There was a tiny space for a garden build into it, and it made me see that all of the plants in it had withered and died under a small layer of ash. I didn't dwell on the thought too much, because I thought to myself that as long as the seeds were safe under the ash, they would grow back and be even stronger and better than before! With that thought, I walked into the house. In the living room was a rather large cluster of Volcanoes. The tallest was probably around 7 feet and the smallest around 3 feet. Next to the cluster was a couch with my boys sleeping on it. Each of them had those helmets on, so I snatched them off and told the boys that we needed to go "bye-bye" and asked them to get ready by grabbing any one toy they wanted for the trip. I had set the box down to rest my arms... and no sooner did the box hit the floor, one of the mini-volcanoes popped and splattered some lava on me and the boys who were still sitting on the couch and rubbing at the eyes they had never used before. I ran to them and tried to wipe the lava bits off of them. The lava that had landed on us was just a little warm and had the consistency of juice. I was relieved but felt like we had only gotten lucky that time. There was no guarantee that we wouldn't have molten rock splattered on us next time. I woke up trying to get the boys out of the house.

In the next dream, I found myself in my kitchen making different lotions and body balms. I was singing to myself while I threw some coconut oil and beeswax in a skillet on the stove. I even danced a little while they melted together. When everything was melted I turned my attention to a batch of whipped lotion I was making in my beater. The beater was set on the highest level marked by an "8".  I turned it off  then turned to take the skillet off the stove and place it on the counter. I have a large bottle of aloe vera juice that I use for just about everything and I poured a little into my mixing bowl. I noticed that I was running low on aloe vera, which upset me because it is one of my favorite ingredients... but it dawned on me that I could always just order more... so I turned to my skillet and poured a little in there as well, being sure to keep a little on hand in case of an emergency. The ingredients in the skillet were hardening and beginning to turn a pretty white color, and I saw that the aloe vera had not been blended, so I set my skillet back on the stove and got a whisk. I stood there whisking my little creation and noticed that it was not turning clear as it liquified again, but that didn't bother me. In fact, in the dream I had expected that. My little creation was now the consistency of gravy, and as I stood there whisking away, I recalled that I had been sent on a mission by NDC. (Of course this wasn't the case in real life... I had no intention for this dream...) I was to find out something about "Beetle Stew". I couldn't help but smirk when I thought of that. "Beetle stew". How gross. But in my mind, when I thought about it, I envisioned this vast desert with CLOUDS of black beetles flying through it. They were eating up any sign of life in the desert and I watched them eat this giant cactus in a matter of minutes. When I snapped out of my little daydream, I thought to myself "Man are beetles stupid. If they keep that up, there will be nothing left and they will all start eating each other or eventually starve to death." So now, when I look down at my skillet, it is filled with black beetles. They were beetles I was familiar with because I see them all the time here in Louisiana! (When I woke up, I googled them to find that they were called "June Beetles").

Now... I recognized this disgusting creation of mine in the skillet to be "Beetle Stew". And as gross as it was, I wasn't bothered by it, but rather amused. My intention at this point was to serve it to NDC. So I grabbed a plate and put some rice on it then smothered that with my Beetle Stew taking special steps to make sure that it looked as nice as possible. (Lol! Making beetle stew look nice. Yeah right!) I brought my creation into the living room (the same living room from the dream before) and placed it on the mantle over the fireplace, then I grabbed my phone and tried taking photos of it at different angles. While I was taking photos, the lighting allowed me to see every detail of my dish. I saw that some beetles were dead and some were just barely alive and then there was one that was absolutely clean and trying to escape. I grabbed it and stuck it in the gravy-like stew with the other beetles. I felt like I was using it as some sort of garnish. It was moving it's legs back and forth in the stew and for some reason the thought popped into my head that it was making it's own version of a snow angel and I started giggling. I just couldn't help myself! In the dream, it was SO funny to me. I went back to taking pictures. I wanted the absolute BEST photo to send back to everyone here! There was a man sitting in a recliner that I hadn't noticed earlier. He wasn't a man I knew in person. He might have been just a little over weight and was wearing these horrible blue shorts with a plain white tee. He got up and came to see what I had made telling me he was hungry. "Not for this you aren't! You don't want any of this, I promise you!" But he insisted and rudely stuck his finger into my beetle stew! He stuck his finger in his mouth then took a closer look at my dish and saw the bugs. His eyes bugged out for a minute then he just kinda tilted his head and gave me this approving nod while saying. "Mmm!"

I woke up laughing. I woke up laughing SO HARD!

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