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Rampaging Bears
I can't remember much of this dream at all and I'm having a hard time staying awake long enough to put it in, so please bear with me.

I remember was my mom suggesting that I move to Britain. I ended up going there I guess, and it was divided into three different parts. The part I saw was filled with all these cute little houses all different shapes and colors. It was pretty cool, like something you would expect to see in a dream. Then I went somewhere else and it was snowing, like, alot. There was this little town built in a wall. When I entered the town, alarms when off and everybody ran and hid. I tried to run and hide too. I found these big balls of moss and dove into them. The insides were hollow and there was nothing inside, save for a big, red, spotted mushroom. It sort of looked a super Mario mushroom had been brought to life. Also, it had a face on it. A big happy, smiley face. Anyway, as I'm hiding in this moss, I hear something moving around me. It is a bear. The city had bear problems and every once in a while bears would storm in and kill anyone they came across. I worried that the bear would find me, but instead, I heard it eat something and knew it was a mushroom... then it left.

When the bear was completely gone, everyone came back out of their homes and went back to their business. I was standing on this small decorative bridge looking out at the village when the alarm went off again. I ran back across the bridge and jumped back into the moss balls. Just like before... the bear started sniffing around me and this time he didn't seem to want to leave. I worried that somehow, he new I was in there and meant to kill me. The little mushroom in there smiled at me and tilted out towards the bear, and I saw the bears mouth come in and snatch it up. After the bear had eaten it, he left. I was upset because it felt like the little mushroom sacrificed his life for me.

When I left out of the moss again, I was being shown all these different security barriers that were being built to keep the bears out. These glass walls that were being made to come up whenever a bear was nearby. It seemed like the guys showing me were high rank military officials. Anyway, after a while, the alarm went off again, this time there were several bears, and this time they began busting into homes and killing people. They killed the entire little village. The military men pressed a large button to activate a test barrier. It seemed to work at first but we didn't think it would last, then they had me follow them into a room to use something they were sure would save us. It was this spinning glass thing. You were supposed to climb in and the bears weren't supposed to be able to get you... but the hole at the top and way it spun made that impossible. It was clear glass... so it wasn't even a good hiding spot. This was the stupidest thing ever! I couldn't believe that it had been funded and created by/for the military! They had me climb in, and I rolled my eyes as they excitedly told me about it. Then I climbed out and told them why I thought it was dumb.I told them,that to me, this seemed like a spinning treat dispenser and I thought the bears would think so too. Anyway, right as the military men began to agree with me, the bears broke through the barrier. Another alarm started going off, and we ran into another room. One of the men pushed a big, red button on the wall, so I expected some great and wonderful life-saving thing to happen. This big futuristic door opened and there in this super awesome, super high-tech room was... another glass treat dispenser... only just a bit bigger.

Horrified and disgusted, my shoulders fell and my head dropped. The guys gave me this "what's wrong" face and I told them "You realize why this won't work...right?" They all swapped these slightly embarrassed glances not saying much of anything. We could hear the bears ripping and tearing through things to make their way towards us. We were all going to die! Then one of the guy says that they need to use "the last resort". This guy... all he has is a glass jar with these long, tiny white strips of paper. He hands me one and I raise my eyebrow at him. These tiny white strips of paper had been soaked into something that would absorb all of your human smell and make you smell like bear. The theory was that the bears would not attack if they thought you were one of them. I did't know how this would work since I thought the bears could SEE that you weren't a bear... but I really didn't have anything to lose by taking a strip. There weren't enough strips for everyone, but I was given a strip. Those of us with the strips left out of the room and the village holding the strips tightly and trying to walk as casually as possible. There was a large group of bears leaving the city too, and we had to walk near them. Some of those with strips walked right next to the bears. Touching them and mocking them... I prefered to walk as far away from the bears as possible. I thought the others were testing fate...
hehehe, well I beared..with you. very interesting dream. I am going through a very strange dream period. I am fairly good at expressing myself, but right now i literally can't explain my dreams. they seem to be in total fluid state. like when i wake they seem to have occurred within a soup, …see that doesn't make any sense. btw i sent you your rising sign…and its in a bot run!
Thanks G0'd! As you can see, I'm going through a strange dream period myself! I think I might get what you mean.

So my rising sign is in a bot run? Huh, I need to check that out!

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