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2/20/15 Buddhist and the Israelites
Even though we still lack red alert levels, this run is VERY rich with meaning and symbols. I will start by saying that I know up front I will miss many important messages in this run. My simple goal is to adequately cover the main themes.

The main gist of the run is religious/esoteric. I wanted to see if there was some day residue on BUDDHIST, and so my google search for that word (under the “news” category) netted this return: “Love Religion, but Hate Intolerance? Try Buddhism” There were actually a couple of links for that same article.

I did the same type of search for RUTH, and google promptly brought up the Book of Ruth. Okay, not too coincidental, but how about reading the top link from Wikipedia? “….but Ruth's identity as a non-Israelite and the stress on the need for an inclusive attitude towards foreigners suggests an origin in the fifth century BCE, when intermarriage had become controversial” (link: ). Get this….also in today’s run are words such as progress and INCLUDED

So, in noticing that Buddhist and Ruth are right next to each other toward the top, I like going with this overlap of inclusion, tolerance, non-discrimination. Okay, get this….The wiki article also documents that Ruth was an ancestor of Jesus AND, more importantly for this run, RUTH was DAVID’S great-grandmother. Why is DAVID capitalized? Because that name also appears in today’s lineup!!

But there’s more. The star of DAVID (noting that “star” is not in today’s run) symbolizes Judaism and Israel. Interestingly, our now-familiar word AQUARIUM arguably symbolizes the same genre, as we’ve established that connection in the last couple of days (i.e., Netanyahu campaigning in an aquarium). I believe this part of the run represents a growing story that will only become more and more important. For starters, note that “Dems push Boehner to postpone Netanyahu speech”

Back to Buddhist. I find it incredibly interesting that Yoga is at the very bottom of the run, and Buddhist at #2. It’s the closest we’ve come to a bipolar run, where near synonyms are at the top and the bottom simultaneously. Unfortunately, I think the word SLICE might be very important here, and putting it all together might go something like these ideas:

1. Perhaps Buddhism becomes fractures, possibly in relation to a disagreement on whether to INCLUDE Israel.
2. Perhaps there will be a WATERFALL EVENING where the TONE of Netanyahu goes high enough in FREQUENCY to SLICE even the most inclusive religions
3. Perhaps the FAMILIES in and around Israel suddenly have DIRECT PROGRESS in MARCH to where they can effectively COMMUNICATE their issues and live a more INCLUSIVE life with the Palestinians.

And finally, I couldn’t believe that there is actually a FLOWER OF DAVID. It’s apparently a super hardy plant that grows in Israel. Apparently, it looks like the Star of David when seen under a microscope:

One last parting shot: Perhaps none of this run is overlapping as much as I've made it out to be. Ruth might be a living person now, or it might even be Ruth's Chris Steak House (mmmm, sounds delicious even at this early hour!) Let's just keep our eyes and ears out for both the individual words and the bigger memes. Just like dreams, these dreambot runs might have room for multiple meanings.


UP Words:     slice buddhist ruth frequency aquarium tone waterfall evening dis dakota dream distinct smell introduced amount families direct progress expected march communicate skip faced sticker included upwards flower david bug eric convinced naturally stretch

DOWN Words:   wow awesome reality friend shocked rooftop shirt drawing talk void bye shot teeth dog loss truck draw power effect specific drive now nothingness ride serious mon class dreamer being yoga
I really do not want to be a fly in the ointment but I know that loads of people view buddhism to be more enlightened than western religions, I could give a fig about religion in general but as a woman, what do we see again, yet another pyramidal structure headed by a man and with only men in the higher echelons. Just saying..

Ruth frequency is nice as ruth means friend. Isn't that the second time we had ruth?
I don't disagree at all with your orientation to the patriarchal system (that is undergoing a slow disintegration, by the way). In fact, your unspoken desires are actually implied in the run with the top word being SLICE (and then all the religious memes below).
Is Group 2 about the IRS and problems with two groups but I forget what they are, oh yeah one is folks that did state returns with a commercial computer program. Anyway, is there a headline or one coming soon about this or another IRS problem being fixed in March?

"David Eric and Ruth" okayy too cool, more names.

Is it possible that these go together?
"david bug eric convinced?"

Is Group 1 dyslexic? LOL....gotta read for input!

Ruth and David are very common names in Israel, apparently because they are both so special in the bible. I did find at Wikipedia that Netanyahu had a teacher that named "Ruth" that told of what a fantastic student/young man he was and that he has a grandson named "David."

About a bigger story likely coming, yes! Israel is so hated by so many nations and so many even in our nation, this is likely to happen--- There's likely to be some terrible story or lie about him coming from USA. He graduated from a high school in our nation! He went back and forth from Israel to the US, yet was born in Israel, and to read his life is very cool.
He graduated top of his class more than once? Graduated from MIT, was grabbed to work here, was wounded in war multiple times, later...sounds like a wonderful soul that's hey, had marital/relationship problems, married three times.
So, to try to damage his "campaign" I agree there's likely more headlines about him coming soon.
Random thoughts while reading over the list:

Slice If it is referencing the verb "slice", then it refers to cleaving, to cutting something into two or more pieces. Think Gemini, the twins. Two from one.

I see in the biggest losers the word void. That would go with nothingness unless it's referencing the word as a verb: to cancel something.


I've never eaten at Ruth's Chris. Driven by the place, though. Big Grin
Isrealites are digging out from snow STORM
"Snow sweeps Israel, from north to Negev Desert "
SLICE + religion:

1. This goes under the category of who cares, except that it matches our themes of religion being sliced:

2. Folks, this is the epitome of "controlled opposition," which also goes under the WHO CARES category, except that it's the growing Israel/Netanyahu/Aquarium meme. It feels to me like Sam/TwiceBlessed really led us to something we really need to be paying attention to. It started with "Ben campaign aquarium":
Yep, this is definitely intentional. More racial divide; more attempts at generating religious slicing.

This is heating up between White House and Israel, and the whole thing is definitely scripted. How do I know? Because the familiar editorial slant is coming out of AP now. They have made a name for themselves as a news publishing organization, and every once in awhile they'll conceal an agenda inside the "news." Such is the case now...
Heck yeah, this is ramping-up! White house looking for ways to deflect publicity away from when Netanyahu gives his speech because more dems are starting to admit they're not boycotting afterall. Meanwhile, the other side of the aisle did a genius thing.....they invited The Pope to come give a speech to congress, in part to compare the White House's reaction to the pope compared to Netanyahu. Pope has accepted and is supposed to do this in September. Maybe destiny will have him asking to do it sooner, but then it is a big trip for him, etc.
BINGO!!! Here is an actually OSCAR moment that was predicted in the run, we just had no clue. It is AWESOME! Well, awesome that it was predicted. Very awkward mother daughter moment.
evening dis dakota
Hahaha, and we had Evening Dis Dakota on the 20th

not really gonna save the world though this stuff
So, according to today, March 1's bot run, this month will be wasted and yet Group 2 here says " families direct progress expected march." Doesn't sound wasted to me, so "wasted" means WHAT? in this newer bot run?

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