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2/21/15 Elizabeth's Skull and a Skinny Pope
Big time suspect of a run. We are not in a lull; I’m seeing sunny skies now and my internet is forcing some dream pages to be ignored. In my results list for most dreambot runs, I typically get between 130-280 words. Today, I only got 44. I must have run it 30 times trying different things to resolve this. My conclusion is that there must be a reason for this. There must be a reason we’re seeing lowly words like Bug, Bobby, and Daniel. But here’s the deal. While I was opening this last run, I received a call from one of the world’s most gifted dreamers (as indicated by how many people she’s found through incubated dreaming). One of the first things she asked me was, “Have you had anything on the Pope lately?”

Just a few seconds later, my results list popped open, and BAM……holy cow, there’s the Pope on our linguistics list! Now, to be sure, if this was a “normal run,” the Pope would be too far down to make our list. Same thing with Nova. Therefore, my intuition is suggesting that I look at the Pope area just a little deeper to see if anything big is on the horizon here. SKINNY POPE VOTE ANN COAST MET. Hmmm, sounds like an interesting story, but nothing newsworthy. Therefore, I ask anyone who’s interested…perhaps you’d like to incubate on the Pope tonight to see what you get, and I’ll have our intuitive artist do the same.

Notice how there’s virtually no caution level words in our run today, but towards the top, we have RESORT and ELIZABETH and SKULL. These do seem interesting to me, but I can’t quite put a finger on it.  I’m also very interested in PALE DETAILED NOVA RELOAD TRUSTED NECESSARY. Didn’t we have another Nova lingo with Necessary or something similar? Apparently Nova is really needed for some reason. DANIEL is another bible name.  

Anyway, take a look through the run and if you don’t mind, look for a reason why this bot run today just never would work out. And let me know when you find the answer! Have a great weekend!


UP Words:     batch days resort born elizabeth skull introduced grain sticker fri pale detailed nova reload trusted necessary eric bug refer bobby analytics daniel progress skinny pope vote ann coast met closely skip joe coffee

DOWN Words:   where down off through add over solid were room forum categories message private time find profile around one entries into back there lucid up view dream class
"batch" I doubt this is a batch of cookies. Immediately I got a vibe of a lab experiment. Is this news coming of a bad batch of vaccines? vaccine test? or just a bad batch of a proven-recipe?

"elizabeth skull introduced" will this be something about a historic dig and someone of this name will be found, well her skull will be, or whole body but the skull will make news for what it presents?

Wow, so many names past few days! "bobby, elizabeth, ann, daniel, eric!" I see "joe" next to coffee but am hunching that this is because a lot of baby-boomers call or used to call coffee "a cup of joe." Names to watch list (forget the hyphens back there) is sure growing.

"Detailed, nova, reload, trusted?" This is saying something, I think but don't know what yet, if so.

Cool, in the down section. "forum categories message private" has the bot picked up on Eagle1 building his new site? Wink Yes, I'm grinning because I know the internet has likely-millions of forums, and this could be about anyone's forum.

Oh, now wait a minute! LOL Eagle, "lucid up view dream class" is this possibly.....about the dream conference that you've been/or are preparing for? you or someone that's attending it? Two things in one run that could be referring to things in your life, currently is something I find a fun coincidence. Or, is it?

Wow again, this time about the pope and timing he was allowed to be seen in the bot runs! Nope, this was not a coincidence. Sounds to me like the good side of the force is presenting and bringing you emphasis on the importance of the coming pope revelation? headline using this most-gifted dreamer and the timing this all went-down.

hmm, well in part because of the reaction from the left about Boehner inviting Netanyahu to speak without kissing the ring of anyone's, the Pope has now been invited and accepted invitation to speak to Congress, at this time it is scheduled for September. So far as headlines go, this is definitely something for us to watch.

Elizabeth's skull doesn't have to be some ancient "Queen Elizabeth" dig or finding. Come to think of it, this could just turn out to be a skull that's identified as by the name Elizabeth, and found at a resort, perhaps.

This bot run could work in more than one place. "batch" sounds like a headline that may be huge, dunno why.

Pope vote Ann (Angela Merkel) coast met closely skip joe or coffee

February 21, 2015 -
Joe and coffee are the same thing Smile

Goodness gracious. We found our answer about the importance of this run. Okay, so I personally place this story up there with the growing tension between White House and Israel. Apparently the collective unconscious (aided by synchronous glitches in the dreambot technology), is wanting us to highlight that Germany has met with the Pope. Got it. Point taken. Now what?

Was it Nanny who mentioned that the Repub's invited the Pope to speak at Congress in Sep? Could that be related or just noise-level current events?
Yes, it was. In September is another blood moon, I think, and it's the second one of the year. Seems like a long way from now, especially in context of thinking about "modify delete 2015" and us not yet knowing why that is in two bot runs.

The pope doesn't willy-nilly travel anywhere or give anyone "audience." I think we are smart to watch headlines about him and....connected? My mind's all-over the place right now. Gotta peek this a bit later.
Well this was almost a year ago, but I wonder if they discovered who it was or something

Also this one is really the skinny pope, as he does not wear all the gold and dresses very simply etc… Very few popes have visited the US, as your founding fathers + MOTHERS were essentially running from religious tyranny and petit fiefdoms in Europe. Pope francis though will be coming in sept, visiting the refugee camps, therefore, i believe, the previous bot run of pope saves spanish. Perhaps he will drop his observatory in AZ. Who knows ?

Don't you think that batch and grain might be related?
It seems to only fit one word but here is our batch.
OMgosh, you're right! LOL at myself...when I saw this story I didn't even think of the "batch" bot run because I had it in my stubborn psyche that it surely has to be a pharmaceutical snafu.

Good find! Glad you're awake....I maybe should go back to sleep, heh heh.

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