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3/5/15 Lingo Alert: Clone Violence and lookout for Flooded
Same number of words in the lineup today, but they are all much lower in surge scores. Something is poised to get flooded. If “FLOODED” were to skip yesterday, then we would have had a big time Red Alert with that word. Keep in mind that 86.3 surge score today mainly based on yesterday’s surge, so FLOODED is magnitudes more impressive that what it looks here. Thus, look out for Flooded in the days to come.

Group 1 is a high priority. CLONE VIOLENCE is absolutely ugly of all uglies. It indicates that a lot of the violence in our society is engineered. For example, even though I’ve established that Isis is completely fabricated entity, we can expect many CLONED Isis attacks from people what want to be like the [fake and propagandized] entity. HOWEVER, keep reading the bot run, because it then says, “VIEW UNABLE…”  Thus, this engineered violence of Isis and look-alikes will fall flat on it’s face, just like the Ferguson race riots, NYC debacle (can’t tell if that was fake or not), and many other agendas. UNABLE to CLONE VIOLENCE…..Yeah!!!!!!!!

Group 2: This month, someone will examine the prison system. It will be brief and end up in avoiding the misery therein.

A new kind of alert. Its an overlap alert of phrases. What color shall we make this type of alert? It can’t be red because that signifies single-word high flyers. Check it out, we have CLONE VIOLENCE that we’ve already covered, but then we have MIRROR DEATH.  And this time, we don’t have any lingo to counter it. I believe these two 2-word phrases are direct overlaps, and thus deserve a lot of consideration.

In the bottom section, BELL finally fell off, but where did INDIAN come from? We have a jealous Indian cop. Finally Group 4 suggests that Meditating on Aliens will make one Physically Mad (i.e. crazy).


UP Words:     flooded betting wed clone violence view unable childhood campaign there march examine prison rent brief especially avoid covering chain mirror death probably narrator walker fulfillment background wild twin days chased entering survive answer

DOWN Words:   game fighting stay dressed blood boss rock yeah reality know mutual boat david vision life teacher asking thanks mad physical meditation aliens self shoes tower request mind sun wedding blonde jealous cop indian successful
It sounds like results of typical snooping on campaign opponents is going to make news about Scott? Walker, is that Walker's name that is beating bush etc. in the GOP currently? with " walker fulfillment background wild twin days."

Is "clone" a noun or verb, here? Very interesting to ponder both, and we sure need to know.

"view unable childhood campaign" does this mean that a "childhood campaign" is hidden from us & that the headline will be it being exposed?

Group 2, I need ideas. Something about the cost of "prison?" Maybe this is a headline coming that's about the cost of prisons.

Gotta read our Wizard of Words. Wink

Bet you're right about "clone violence" because that works whether it's a noun or a verb. I'd add "just in case" the remote possibility that this is dream-speak for a headline about cloning a fighting force, our troops or something like that.

I really like your hunch on "unable."

Help! could "mirror death" in context of "clone violence" mean more Sandy Hooks where there is no true death? but only a reflection OF death?! Hoping....

I just noticed this, in the DOWN "david" a Life-coach? per "life teacher?"

Since I'm in a hopfeful mood, I'll just throw this out there. What if "indian successful bell" is that an Indian/Native America is going to successfully get a message out, and it makes a headline?
There is also "wild twin days" to go with "clone violence" and "mirror death". Placing those words 3 times throughout the run is important. Sometimes I am noticing a word accurately depict 2 different events/themes so there may be a few different and unrelated events that will pop up for these three references.
Clone also made me think of tornado and we are entering tornado season. I would be on the lookout for back two back, "wild" tornadoes causing destruction.
Maybe a serial killer is on the loose. Of course, maybe there literally is a twin person/cloning issue. I am going with multiple hits for different things on this run.
Re: Clones. There are many websites that espouse the idea/conspiracy thinking that many of the world leaders are actually clones, sometimes genetically engineered at birth. This little clip also references the various discussions of why Nazi geneticists were interested in twin(s), another word that shows up on the list. A quick overview from Planet Infowars/
wild twin days

Back to Gemini??
(03-05-2015, 03:57 PM)Sherriann Wrote: wild twin days

Back to Gemini??

Well, sort of. It does have to do with astrology.

March 5, 2015 - fulfillment background wild twin days chased entering survive answer

During this month’s Full Moon, the signs of Virgo (head/logical realm) and Pisces (heart/feelings realm) will be staring each other down. Virgo is the realm of logic, organization, precision and details. It’s great at noticing the details and getting things organized to a tee. Pisces on the other hand cares a lot less about the details and loves swimming in a ton of feelings and letting creative energy flow. These signs are polar opposites but ultimately need each other to balance out. The energy of this Full moon is going to captivate the essence of both signs and create a push to find the right balance.

Adapted from:
probably narrator walker (or Walker) fulfillment background

Obama blasts Walker over union law
"Walker" is in another recent run. I bet we can find a very fitting headline for that one because there exist "ice queens" in the WHouse and one former one that's got email problems right now. Wink

God bless Walker for signing "Right to Work!" Nobody should ever be intimidated by picket lines or Union negotiations.
(03-10-2015, 05:05 PM)Nanny Wrote: "Walker" is in another recent run. I bet we can find a very fitting headline for that one because there exist "ice queens" in the WHouse and one former one that's got email problems right now. Wink

God bless Walker for signing "Right to Work!" Nobody should ever be intimidated by picket lines or Union negotiations.

I beg to differ..... But this is NDC, not a place to argue unions.
03/13/15 +8 clone, violence
Fascist sperm busts DNA frontier
4 hours ago
In a global first, the proto-fascist warmonger Gabriele D'Annunzio's DNA was reconstructed without exhuming his remains, forensic police said, raising hopes the technique could be used to solve cold cases.

Foundation chief Giordano Bruno Guerri joked that the experiment might even open the door to the future cloning of historical figures even if their remains have been lost.

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