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Cern / Portal / Giants (Original Meme Discussion)
Satanic Ritual?
Nanny have you seen this? Evil is everywhere, yes?

Published on Jun 6, 2016

The real news article.
June 6, 2016, 4:50 PM

Jesus' tomb renovated for first time in 200 years
Esholars, no! I had known nothing about this. Will check it out. Thank you~
HI Esholars.
I reviewed the links you provided.
Thank you for posting.
I am going to state my opinion on the video, something I rarely do when pertaining to religious subjects.
Personally, I felt what was conveyed to the listening audience in the YouTube video was done so without due diligence and with an agenda. The person focused on the date (which was NOT actually 666) and therefor somehow oncluded the restoration of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher must be Satanic in nature. The person was angry and spent 15 minutes repeating himself over and over without any facts to support his theory.
Work on the restoration began in late May when scaffolding went up inside the Holy Sepulcher.
Other work began on the 6th of June.
If someone wants to believe 6-6-16 is a Satanic date, then they will believe it is one. I personally do not. 16 is not 6. just like 19 is not 9.
This video feels to me like fear mongering at it's worst.
Even if it WAS a satanic date, the restoration would be a beautiful thing to begin then wouldn't it? To demonstrate to the world the love and unity amongst different ancient Christin faiths. The love of Christ and the love for Christ. Should not the 3 churches, (the care takers of the tomb of Christ), actually CARE for the tomb? It is a blessing that 3 very ancient Christian faiths can come together to see that the tomb is preserved and restored so that future generations can also have the opportunity to walk in the steps where Christ lived, preached, taught, died and rose from the dead. They have a responsibility to keep the Holy Land sites beautiful and safe for the pilgrims who journey from across the world on what is hoped to be a blessed spiritual journey.
To say that the church services ,which take place in the Holy Sepulcher,are satanic rituals is an affront to the faithful Orthodox, Catholic and Armenian Christian churches who have worked for centuries to safeguard the Holy Christian sites across the Holy lands. It should be an affront to all Christians.
That is my opinion.
twice I posted it as I have seen almost everything being called satanic these days. We need to use discernment as a basic tool. We also need to know what is being spread around so we can be prepared to act.
I am very happy you did post it. Thank you. I did not know this thought was out there. It is indeed important to know what is being said. Discernment, yes. Edna. Good choice of words.
I didn't watch even 30 seconds of it, I don't think. It looked like a parody on yes, what Edna has said.....folks that call-out satanic things way too often.

No, I'm not one of those folks and no, doesn't bother me one iota if anyone were to think so.

The tunnel under the Swiss Alps had an inauguration of the thing that was clearly satanic. I know because of not only discernment and intuition but the obvious. When in Junior High school I borrowed a true, satanic bible from a dude name Tony that sat near me in some class. The highest presence of what they pray to in their services with black candles made from the fat of unborn or unbaptized babies, can't remember which, is....

Satan appears as a naked man with a goat's head.
That tunnel insanity didn't have some cute play with a family of goats, ahem....but one proud dude prancing around with a goat's head and much more.

I do know there are too many people that see evil in everything, and from the other side of the aisle that see sweetness and light in everything that they wish to approve of.

For example, when Reagan was in office, some nutty "religious" folks said he might be the anti-christ. Why? Because he had 6 letters in his first, middle and last names!! This is more than an eye-roller. It was laughable and sooo pitifully ignorant.

Forgot to add my last thought. Of course! if Jesus' tomb being worked on, starting on that date, then the things we all had planned for that date surely had something sinister to them, ahem....and so goes the nuttiness from many.

I honor both of you for discussing this. It does matter.
Quote:Are wormholes portals? Sounds like it.

Is it true that there's a giant wormhole in the center of our Milky Way?

1) Not really. Wormholes connect two or more points in space and simply are. Portals can be created/destroyed and they connect not only two/more places but can also connect two or more points in time.

2) No. There's a massive sentient black hole at the center of our galaxy. It has awareness but it's so vast and timeless that it thinks on a level we can't even begin to fathom.

Forgot to add: There are similarities, yes. They're both doorways. The big differences is where you end up if you step through one. Go through a wormhole and you could end up anywhere in creation. Step through a portal and not only could you end up anywhere in creation, you could end up in other realities or other time periods.

And if you ever do step through one or the other, you better pray it's a two way or you're stuck wherever/whenever you end up.
Wormholes Might Burrow Through Black Hole Cores

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