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3/15/15 Mood Improving, but a Crowd is Yelling at the Portal
The collective MOOD is IMPROVING, but it’s only because the BRAIN has been KIDNAPPED. There’s a higher BATTLE being waged, but this is absolutely no surprise to our regular readers because the bot runs have been all over that higher-order battle lately.

Group 2 continues our Red Alert from yesterday, which painted a scenario of tortured children. The lingo around group 2 today seems to be isolated to just boys.

Group 3 needs to be analyzed from a bigger perspective. I consolidated the lingo, dreams, discussions, and even an outside movie about the big PORTAL / CERN / GIANTS that we keep seeing in the runs. You’ll want to check out that link:   I find it incredible that Group 3 today is strikingly similar to the movie that is presented in the other thread. I didn’t present the movie because I think the dude is a know-it-all, but rather I felt he had some particularly poignant details that match up perfectly with some of our earlier lingo and analysis.

 One last thing: Snake and Snakes have both dropped simultaneously and dropped to a significant amount to have made our list today. This signifies a couple of things: 1) Both words had simultaneous spikes, which means 2) the Snake/Serpent meme is probably something we should heed now that it appears their time in limelight is over for now. Interestingly, the lingo today says that the "SNAKE is EXPLORING the CASTLE." Would that be the Theresa of Avila's Interior Castle or something else?

[Image: 20150315%20Mood%20Improving2.jpg]

UP Words:     mood improving brain kidnapped battle boy surrounding sat lunch nap wish chased struggling added rating injury saturday epic chain overlay generic reaction rated reload humor laying mark hide vividly blind loading work happy

DOWN Words:   noise crazy relationship spirit yelling portal mouth crowd black hours ride snakes fish awesome glass bone void bad non phone act snake exploring castle wow silly wed cave cat gab
Just for giggles, I decided to see how the trend lines look for our archetypes collection. I'm not sure there are any trends, yet, except that the dreams do tend to be a bit more negative in nature. Remember, this represents the collective dreams, not just ours at the NDC.

[Image: PosNeg.JPG]
There is an old bot run here that speaks about the brain. I vaguely recall thinking of PTSD, at the time. Or, are there 2 bot runs? there's one for sure. Even so, are the 2 or more connected?

Is "boy" today connected to, was it "children?" yesterday? gotta look.

Hmm, "snakes" and "fish" next to each other. Metaphors for evil and good? (fish being a christian symbol least here in modern times.)

"Snake" and "snakes" both in this run. "Castle" is back & I wonder how many old bot runs it is in.
improving, brain,

New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function
Of the mice that received the treatment, 75 percent got their memory function back.
18 MAR 2015

"As we don’t have any kind of vaccine or preventative measure for Alzheimer’s - a disease that affects 343,000 people in Australia, and 50 million worldwide - it’s been a race to figure out how best to treat it, starting with how to clear the build-up of defective beta-amyloid and tau proteins from a patient’s brain. Now a team from the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) at the University of Queensland have come up with a pretty promising solution for removing the former."
No way. No fricking way! Breakthrough.

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