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CHANI's Event Markers
I had a 'thought' whilst linking to 'news' with this CHANI (entity/ies?) that we could also be on a distract
goosechase here. CHANI isn't even a dreamer= so why is IT in our dream forum?
Has anyone been in a channeling audience with this 'entity'?


Ever hear of DARPA, CIA, SECRET SPACE PROGRAM, Area 51 psyops, parapsychology departments? The literature is out there to research and confirm. I think its common knowledge by now.

What came to me is that any one of these 'super soldier' paranormal trained agents could inject in Chani-speak 'reading' that is chocked full of remote views of the the future, with maybe a creative hack as well.
It is possible. Is it probable? How would we know?
'Tis one reason I put the Chani challenge to ---- It.

i could be wrong.
remote view, pschic visions, precog dreams are one thing, affecting the future or manipulating it is another.
Lets see what this crystal thing brings to the table. How about a precognitive dream or two like the rest of us.
Otherwise Chani or whomever is behind the grAvatar needs to register with the NDC and use the forum like the members do.
I not only did not dream with him last night I went into the deep dark VOID...deep delta...I didn't CEE U, were you there?
Prove it please. or are you hiding from the STORM?

I have been journaling at least something every night for quite a while now. Nothing to write this morning except that there was nothing. I even looked for your crystal signature.
Yes my pants are down, but I am not abashed, just curious.
Yep, I've heard of Darpa and so many other things, and the Committee of 300 that reportedly has controlled all of these things for decades.

*If* Chani is what I strongly feel and felt the first time I started reading it, that I like to call "him," then it's a demon, pure and simple from the dark side of The Force. If so, no it doesn't dream because it's the author of dreams and much negative thinking.

Chani contact was supposedly lost when computer changes happened at CERN. If this is true, then Chani made the computer problems and went silent, is my hunch. Games....nice one minute and obstinate the next.

The silence last night....was Chani showing us that we don't have a control button for it? I suspect so.
But that botrun yesterday, that huge thing, that from Eagle1's description was a first in more ways than about mindgames....

I was thinking earlier that there's some gems in there for us to discover, as most botruns fit this description, too. So, as we wonder and wait...I hope to get back to that thing.
Awesome discussio! On mobile so cant say everything i want. I agree with pretty much all these ideas. Just remember this......focus on the message , not just on the meesenger.  Hard todo in this troubling times 
You're of course right to remind us. Yeah, of all "messengers," Chani is the hardest to not focus on.
Gotta peruse that super-long botrun for any possible messages.
I could be out - to - lunch folks, but the more I think of It's gig-
not IT, but the future speak in baby words gig, and now the mind blowing bot run
I wonder if it IS a distraction, like Nanny says- controlling his game.. What better way then to engage Eagle first off,
then the rest of us getting on a roll., much like a psych team leader watching the lab rats in an experiment,
which ones will drink the drugged water and which won't?
This may all be a 'TICKLER'-
The flip of this is, that is really IS a bodabulous run that the true dreamers are putting out,
so where are we on the 'trust' the source issue?
Growing pains with this baby.....
we will only know
when we go with the flow!

i once had a great teacher admonish we students- [paraphrasing]
"Remember that you are budding gods. Don't get hung up in the phenomenon you create, go beyond it".
AD is on a roll! Lovin' reading her poetic moods.
AD, mindgames come in many flavors and "strengths." If he/it is playing distraction games or whatever, what matters to me is that you're still acknowledging that it is likely "him/it."

I'm into pondering the possible details endlessly so this is fun. But...I'm rather shocked that it's happening at all, that the huge botrun and all of the wacky traits it had per Eagle's report, did transpire.

I feel like the supernatural realm "flooded" the dreams to invade the botrun.
So, what are the possible messages? I hope and can only hope that we decipher some of it. Surely the purpose of that botrun that Eagle stated wasn't the only message. But...

it's such a big run that it's funnier to see the size of it than to tackle the thing. LOL I've gotten very little from it.

Oh boy, shortly off to dreamland. I had memorable dreams two nights in a row...been longer than I can recall, for this. I usually know I've been dreaming the moment I awaken, and can't remember them.

Next week is the boss's big conference. Hope to not be disappointed, and that we're about to hear about the event again in a botrun before the June 5th. It "feels" like we will. Seems like a no-brainer at this point.

Dolphin refuses to abandon dead calf
I'm not sure that Brown represents a single person. I think it may mean a whole country of brown-skinned people. We need to watch who Russia and China ally themselves with in the Middle East currently. I think it may be referencing a country that switches sides from anti-russia/china to pro-russia/china. Could be Iran, Syria, Turkey...? Where china is talked about, China is getting much lcoser to having the Yuan as the new world reserve currency and they are moving quickly towards a precious metals backed economy, look for gram-based gold and silver, and something about chinese hats everywhere - the hats possibly being actual ingots of silver in the shape of chinese hats [as money?].

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