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3/23/15 Yellow Caution: Bald Daddy Invades
Yesterday was the Peace run.

And today? See what I mean? You have to take the peace runs and harness them because they tend to quickly get overrun by things that actually have headline potential. Case in point is Group 2 today: BOMBS BAD SUPERMARKET! Will that manifest in a realworld headline? Oh, with a lowly 63% chance give or take a couple points. Why that low? Because when lingo hangs out there by itself, it’s close to a 50-50 for coming true. But when it has overlap with a dream, then the reliability goes up tremendously. Obviously, the clearer the overlap, the better. Now all being said, wasn’t there a recent dream about a market exploding?

From the Red Alert two days ago, BEEP returns again, this time with CHASING.

But now for the Yellow Caution. Many people might ask why BALD isn’t a Red Alert since it’s Surge Score is over 100 points. The answer has to do with support. Although there are plenty of bald Daddies and men named Peter, that doesn’t really present legitimate support here. It certainly doesn’t mean that we ignore Group 1, though. The big question is this: Who is the Bald Daddy? Since the next words are INVASION and CONCLUSION BREAKING, I thought we needed to look for someone who is powerful enough to carry out a military invasion. For this exploration, we’re pulling figures/options from this article:

Bald people with a lot of power:
1. Dalai Lama (not a chance in hell that he’ll invade militarily)
2. Rupert Murdoch. Yep, enough power and money, but he will not generate any headlines for it because he owns the news corps that would otherwise provide that news to you!
3. Vladimir Putin (DING DING DING). Although he’s technically not fully bald, he has a lot less hair than just about every other world leader. We’ve got a match folks! Keep in mind that this flies in the face of Russia’s decision to immortalize their leader:

Summing up Group 1: Putin (the BALD DADDY) Invades Japan (land of the rising SUN). Taking this headline to the 10% level, we might see a flood of humanitarian troops “invading” Japan to help them rebuild or perhaps clear up the Fukishima disaster. In other words, the 10% level doesn’t include real bombs and breaking things. The invasion will be metaphoric in a way.

[Image: 20150323%20bald%20daddy.jpg]

UP Words:     bald daddy invasion sun conclusion breaking relevant interrupted spider jumping beep chasing certainly fishing bombs bad supermarket similarly connected mon class sat entry wonder fresh letters oven peter helicopter trusted amazed forum closely

DOWN Words:   days chased there generic link invited notified modify interpretation wrapping reaction remove type has rated dictionary rating interpret been years had longer yet months sorry voted march dreams hide save submitted loading dream
As of today, the Bots have slid pretty much right out of CERN territory but take heed, "march dreams hide save submitted loading dream".

You have been warned!! Angel
Yesterday "James" and today "Peter." Both names of apostles of Jesus but no way to know if that's relevant. Both are added to the names list.

Some spiders and fish do jump. What the heck? Could spider be a metaphor here?

Group 2 is certainly concerning! "Bombs connected?"

"forums" "closely trusted" or what is this saying. Fatigued! Better read the word wizard.
Group 2 here easily can be Jade Helm because they are playing war games right in the businesses, right in the heart of our towns.

I just posted a video about it on one of Eagle1's official, new Jade Helm threads. It's of an official Jade Helm rep. meeting with a city council of a small, Texas town.


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