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3/25/15 Yellow Caution: Clocks and the Overwhelming COmputer Models!
Bombastic. Lots of computer terms here, but the top word takes us right back to the growing Time meme. CLOCKS did not quite reach the Red Alert level today, but it did seem to get a lot of CERN-related support underneath. And when I say lot of support, wow!

Group 3 might be indicating the truth behind this article:     In other words, the computer model for the Big Bang is indeed overwhelming so they have to make up stories about having to FIX MACHINES (or short circuits).

Don’t miss the CONGRATS given to the ROBOTS, but where is this all leading us to? PREPARE REACTION !!   (Note: Security might also be involved so I lumped it in also).

Group 5 Interpretations: First of all, there have been occasions where super long linguistics phrases successfully mesh to form a single story, but it isn’t the norm. Thus, I really doubt that Barry will be a part of the next meat recall that the lingo seems to be implying recently (and which might be further implicated in Group 5). So, Chicken goes Down (recalled?) and there’s some sort of Prank surrounding a man named Barry (or THE Barry).

[Image: 20150325%20clocks%20computer.jpg]

UP Words:     clocks keyboard monitor digital sierra lover former afternoon hungry desk cook keeping creepy memory claim computer model overwhelming fix machine tar notified rating generic rated teen contents overlay magazine icon robots congrats wrapping

DOWN Words:   would looking fly bald school yard spider rally mountain animals sun weekly daddy remember beautiful mansion when chicken way now into went down saw barry around prank first had back one beep were there
Good grief does any of this have to do with the plane that just went down?!

Group 5 is so strongly telling on someone, so is "beautiful mansion" a rich "barry"'s home?

I want to read the word wizard, tired but I don't think a bot run has ever amazed me more than this one!

Isn't Germanwings the name of that airline that had the tragedy yesterday? Any likelihood that the bot run refers to their planes as "chicken" as in "chicken went down?" Then a prank could be tied to the crash? or that's separate perhaps.
looking fly bald- are bald eagles missing?
group 3 could have to do with either the plane or cern
tar goes with group 3 . That seems to hint it is more likely referring to the plane computers as it relates to what a "black box" would do.
"Memory" might then also go with group 3.
A lot of tech and computer terms.

Sierra lover former feels like another "CA is toast" reference.

Keeping creepy memory intrigues me.
This is way-out in far left field. I gotta put it out here, though.

The last part of the DOWN words are fascinating. I think it could be saying that someone was watching "the prank" from afar, like with a drone? One beep and they were there, the words being
"one beep were there dream view up." No, as I reread, this isn't a nutty idea for the times we live in, and how drones are used a lot. (In fact, from the WHouse situation room, most likely Benghazi was watched by some, because it was let slip that 2 drones were over the situation that night.)

Why was the pilot of this Germanwings plane locked out of the cockpit?! that's breaking news this evening. Was someone on that plane and they had to be taken care of?? a Pentagon contractor was on it. Gotta wonder.
Hmm. multiple meaning maybe. The plane yes. A California disaster as DLP is suggesting with the Sierra lover former, which also fits the plane crash. Also, while in this case all the computer references might fit the plane, it might fit Silicon Valley.
Confirmation that when "chicken went down" we indeed had a "prank!"

This Germanwings plane was intentionally crashed. Who knew beforehand, IF anyone did besides co-pilot, that it was going to be? and why?

Which news story broke first? that the card was missing from the Germanwings plane's black box? or that the audio recorder told that the plane was intentionally brought down? I think.....the card broke first. The card not necessary to hear the recording? Prank/deception either way, but timing on news stories matters a lot, too.

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