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for a friend
I was sent this in an email and she wants to know if I know what it might mean. I have no clue. Would like some help. Thank you.

Friend’s dream from 3/24-25/2015
Hi Edna,

I thought you would be interested in something I dreamed last night.
I have no idea what it means but it was quite interesting.

I found myself in
a large room with tables and shelves with books, a lot like an estate sale
garage sale setting. I had a laptop computer and jacket, and purse and a bag
which I was placing breakables inside and trying not to break them. I was
telling someone that I needed to gather all my things but had so much I did not
know if I could carry it all. A lot of what I had, I brought to that place. I
was not buying things, they were things of mine but yet there were many things
that were not mine at that place. It was as if I had carried a lot to visit
someone who was having a sale.

Then I realized I was a guest (asked to go
there-not a member- sent because someone else was absent) at a meeting.

meeting had a political feel to it and the man who could not be there wanted us
all to know that this was the 17th meeting and he had 17 statues saved to
commemorate the meetings. (?)

The dream had shifted several times and other
stories were side stories but that was the main part of the dream. The number 17
kept coming up a lot and the man needed me to go to hear what they spoke about
and report back to him.

'thought you'd like to read my latest dream ha

(Note: I have also realized recently a very important thing. My dreams
are attached to my emotions and each emotion plays out with a different scene or
cast of characters. If I am working out a problem (which the brain does and that
is why we dream mostly) then I see a lot of numbers and charts or something like
puzzles to figure out. I am often dreaming of food too that I cannot eat because
it is rotten . I dream of buildings that need fixing up all the time and
so many dreams are just my mind resting but the one above I am not sure

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