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3/30/15 RED ALERT: CREEPing Combat Air Forces
Well on that note, did you see they just discovered a real live Kermit the frog? The real frog looks just like Kermit Muppet.
NO! The warning that was sent out with this Red Alert was "Creeping Towards War."

Not another Gulf of Tonkin!!! Check back in 40 years from now, well after WWIII is finished, and I'll have a posting of Barry or Biden admitting that Iran never actually fired on the American ship in 2015, just like the fake Gulf of Tonkin that started the war in Vietnam.
This appears to have the same story but different details.
Allegedly "Parading" century old equipment that has no prayer of going against the Western state-of-art CAF (acronym spelled out in the original post above).

I am 99% sure that this is all pro-war propaganda from none other than the non-far-left news agency, CNN. Totally expected from my vantage point. I assure you that these F-14s are totally WORTHLESS, and no 3rd world country would parade them. I PROMISE YOU!
Here is another point of view-
Foreign soil wars may be a 'cover' for domestic warfare.
Seems like distraction is at work here. What does Uncle George say, " Looky over there, whilst I do this over here" ?
My recent dream had the description creepy- it was a sticky, prickly feeling. Then I see in the news today something that resounded as a collective puzzle picture coming together.
Our civil unrest is creeping up (by design?).
Consistently large cities nationwide are suffering from 'gangs' who may or may not be 'planted' to catalyze the unrest

Yet our PIGGY police forces who don't seem to 'get it', consistently use brutality.
IS it for bait? Is it a mentality that is reinforced in their training?
I am sure there are many wonderful men on our forces that are subjected to 'street' adversity and PTSD.
It is no excuse to rough up innocent people until proven guilty, racial profiled perps, or even to create them in the first place.
Interesting that troops/FORCES are now called in to support police forces to maintain order. (prelude to martial law?)

Okay, with Jade Helm looming- interesting that this nation has two high profile (false flag) cases up-
Boston bombing and Colorado theater massacre to remind the public subconscious of the reason for Patriot Act sections to be renewed in June - for agency surveillance against domestic terrorism.

Its all happy manipulation of humanity or shall we say, "lulus" for the entertainment of creepy voyeurs of alien/inter-dimensional SPIRITUAL FEAR nature to suck off our emotionally charged drama.

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