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4/5/15 Easter Red Alert?? 2015 Beginning Exciting....
Well, the blood moon eclipse was yesterday, CERN apparently fired up this weekend, and Easter is today. Would that not make this a particularly important bot run? I believe so. The first thing that stood out to me is that only 56 words had positive surge scores. This would definitely be considered a lull of a run, but remember, the lulls in the past have tended to bring us many detailed and accurate linguistics.

Want the good news first? “2015 BEGINNING EXCITING.”

But now the bad news….

Although in Group 1, it appears that April will be a Typical month, Group 2 indicates something very atypical. 2015 apparently begins the exciting but UNKNOWN DEATH, and then I couldn’t quite pinpoint where this phrase stops. As we continue in Group 2, it almost looks like a GLOBAL PARTNER will VISIT. Also, the word ARCH immediately reminded me of ARCHON, and so ARCHONs are arguably SOLDIERS who are SNEAKING around. In other words, the GLOBAL “PARTNERS” who will make their VISIT in 2015 (which begins the exciting death) are the ARCHONS.

And that’s not all, folks. Later in Group 3, we see the RICH people LEAVING the CITIES to go into their LOWER SHELTERs. The dreambot does appear to be highlighting the word PAY, and I presume that those who escaped will ironically have to SIT at ATTENTION and PAY for their crimes. In other words, it’s Judgement Day!

Getting back the normal world now, Group 4 appears to be a big volcano, that will produce a BEAUTIFUL TAR PATH after it OPENS up.

The Red Alert is a question mark, because as bizarre as this whole run is, all the craziness could be considered great support for the top word (DRUNKEN). It sketchy because that support is not direct enough, so I leave it up to you. Is this a Red Alert or not? I guess only time will tell.

[Image: 20150405%20exciting%20death.jpg]

UP Words:     drunken chef creation guided lie presence april typical weekly worlds 2015 beginning exciting unknown death gonna journal dream dome thru visit global partner soldier arch sneaking sat shoes besides astral rich leaving cities

DOWN Words:   candy mask there boss opening mountain nice induced tar path beautiful often helping looks self easily up gold person single friday back position yesterday only garden draw thanks especially grown henry wed glad barry dawn
Here is something that gobsmacked me just now.
Didn't pay much attention to it over the past week or so (since 3/27?) yet it seems to be surfacing with many bots intertwined-
Dave, JOE (Biggs) 15 and this summer (Gemini/Cancer), Russians (bears) et al;
I am not much into psy-ops these days yet it real and something to consider and I trust the unconscious to reveal it
it might be a reason why elite are leaving the cities whether something goes 'viral', or a natural disaster, economic collapse or whatever false flag is planned
If this pulls off there would be lots of chaos
Thanks AD, and Happy Easter to you as well!

How about this recent article. Talks all about potential "new" alien races and how secret space agencies are supposedly worried about a potential visit...
Is Group 2 talking about that iron? Dome that protects Jerusalem?

Is the top of the list a metaphor, or is there a big story coming about one of our most famous chefs and he's an alcoholic?? One of them is, says a nephew of his and it's one that I guessed was before being told, but it is still just hearsay.

Group 3 oh heck yeah, cool to hear that this is about to happen on a large scale if it hasn't already. The rich are usually well-enough connected to be tipped-off to big things that are coming.

Who the heck is this "henry?"

Oh "gold" is rising and going back to 1700??

A global partner would be the Pope that visits in several months, maybe?

Surely Group 4 refers to a volcano, or is that metaphoric?

Oh no! as if Jade Helm 15 isn't enough, we have to worry about archons visiting?? and they're maybe even the invading Chinese or Russians? Cuz we have a lot of Russian soldiers already here. I got concerning vibes when 3 of them walked past my seat on a plane a year ago. Not sure why but I could guess.

April 4 - realistic hits especially henry waving grown significant simple data seated weather

especially grown henry weds (associated with) glad barry (barred/striped) dawn

n. pl. hen•ries or hen•rys Abbr. H
The unit of inductance at which an induced electromotive force of one volt is produced when the current is varied at the rate of one ampere per second.

barry - from French barré ‘barred, striped,’ past participle of barrer

2015 beginning exciting unknown death gonna journal dream dome thru visit global partner
Worth a watch....

"The drunken chef creation of a guided lie's presence in April is typical. The weekly world's 2015 beginning (1st quarter) will excite ing an unknown death (of something) that is gonna be journaled in a dream dome (make waves in the news) thru (that involves) a visit by a global partner who is a soldier (Putin) and an arch(type - Pope) and who will leave an imprint (footprint) besides the astral rich when leaving the cities city."

March 31 - MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russian President Vladimir Putin may speak at the opening of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly in September, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov reportedly said.
President Vladimir Putin meets with President Barack Obama in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland
The upcoming session is scheduled to open in New York on September 15 and run until September 28. It is expected to attract an unusual number of world leaders and other dignitaries because of the UN's 70th anniversary.
"A final decision is yet to be taken. A visit to the UN General Assembly is one of the options under consideration, and it does not matter whether it will be a jubilee or not," Peskov said, as quoted by Russia's Kommersant newspaper.
Kommersant cited its sources in the Kremlin and close to the UN office as saying that Putin is expected to make up his mind in August.
The September gathering will be attended by Catholic Pope Francis, who is anticipated to address the broader membership of the assembly a day after his trip to Washington, where he is also to speak before US Congress.
Read more:
Wow. It's a direct overlap with DOME right in the middle of the linguistics. Both the lingo and the dream are war related. As far as timing goes, we have the whole year for this to begin. Remember the 10% rule. Thus, BEGINNING EXCITING DEATH wouldn't be for all of humanity, but rather 10% of us. Okay, so which 10% will it be? No help for that question!
Ok, I beileve I found our Henry.
King Henry=Marijuana. A type of Medical Marijuana
6 of the past 7 days have referred to Weed.

garden draw thanks especially grown henry 4-5
joe cousin conversation pot constant adult realistic hits especially 4-4
bending weed unnecessary sick gym distracted chase dancing april weekly attempt farm vampire partner henry 4-1
mentor smoking grown...... speech thanks famous mon awesome march weed joseph 4-2
england famous burger weed speech dawn string lake mon king 3-31 ( no Henry, but Weed and King are there)
cross six Henry vehicle anger 4-6 ( not sure if this fits our theme, but it has Henry, maybe a different theme with a different Henry meaning).

So I am asking myself, why so many runs with this theme? Is it just on everyone's mind, getting more momentum for state ballot issues? One mentioned "unnecessary sick", but that could be go 2 ways, it is used for Medicine to relieve "unnecessary sick" feelings or maybe there is a strain out there that is causing illness unnecessarily.
Mass consciousness is dreaming up alternative media news where most of the truth lies? Yup.
OMG,'ve got some major talent! I believe the King meme was actually first. The King came first, then Weed, then Henry (with obvious overlaps that you identifed with Henry and Weed).

In answering your question about why this meme is so persistent.... Sometimes I think that the collective dreams show us what is really important for us to understand or realize (as opposed to what they mass feed the population on any level of news). I'm not saying that this strain of Weed is important or vital to humanity. I think what the bot is saying is that there is a much bigger conflict here than anyone realizes.

For example, I know that Weed in general is a double edged sword. On the one hand, people who do Weed are much more open minded and ask a LOT of questions about our reality. In that regard, these people are much harder to control. Much harder to program.


A couple of early substance-abuse clients I had posed an interesting argument to me about Weed. They said that they are surprised the elite haven't legalized it sooner because the Weed-saturated mind tends to turn into a useless zombie. After the questioning period is over (i.e. the pot newbie), the now-addicted pot smoker is chained to a substance that will eventually fry their brain, not in terms of making them a drooling vegetable, but in terms of (paradoxically) losing all impetus to do anything. They become completely passive, and thus pose no threat to the ruling class.

If one can temper their usage and use it wisely, truly magnificent things can happen, but it is a drug, and drugs tend to be misused. Thus, we're back at the razor's edge. Is Weed evil just because 20 or 30 or 70 or 80 percent of users misuse this substance and go too far for too long?

What if addiction was a standard curriculum in the school. We could learn how to utilize positive benefits of alcohol, pot, and possibly others for their positive potentials, while being armed with the knowledge of how to prevent abusing the substances. Oh, there I go again...that's my divergent thinking as I daydream about a better world. Smile
Indeed the collective consciousness can't be fooled and the majority of us have seen MSM for what it is.

As for weed, it's come into its own. Willy Nelson is opening pot stores in areas where it's legal. I think his own blend will be called "Willy's Reserve" and if not the second word is close to that.
I, too have expected those in power to make it legal because a stoned citizenry of course is easier to control.
I dare to suspect that other vices will become legal soon for same reason. (Keeping folks oinking at the pleasure-trough of life will have them lost in those pleasures and not paying attention, but! more folks are awake now and this is going to help we good souls.)
I have an addition.
It wasn't in the original"blue word" list for 4-3, but was included in the secondary list to begin the down words on 4-3. There is now a reference for every day for a week.
spirit weed memory wear kinda scary 2014 voted direction
This speaks to me of the possible ramifications that might happen with the now legal weed dispensaries. It goes along with what you just wrote Eagle.
That's definitely plausible. I've been noticing all the instances of 2014 being so incredibly persistent and the verbiage surrounding 2014, too. We'll wait and see, but I think you have a strong case here.

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