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July 2015: Leo Timeframe & Jade Helm & Military Virus
He is a complete fraud and is psycho. I can prove it.
Here is a video he made from years ago.
There are many lies!!!
The most GLARING is the what he says in this video about being a Russian Orthodox Bishop. He flat out 100% lies about this. I am actually an EXPERT on this topic. Eagle or any other long term member here, I will be happy to discuss WHY he is lying privately with you. You may PM me if you wish.
He also lists in the title of this video that he has a PHD from the Oxford Education Network. That is not a school, apparently it is a Membership Network of Schools. You are a member of this organization, and can not get a degree there, it is not OXFORD.
Here is a site that debunks previous things he has said.
He also lists himself as a Captain, 4 star General, contractor, educator and always ambassador to ....nowhere it would seem.

Wow, your earthquake pictures seem strikingly similar to what the dude was drawing out on his map! Overlaps are sometimes very meaningful, and that is why I really don't like the fact that your map is just like his! Smile
Look at my post above!
Well, even the devil himself tells the truth when he tells someone the time on the clock, huh? Wink
Wow. That was...interesting. A lot of conjecture, assumptions, and suppositions masquerading as facts and logical conclusions that only adds to the collective hype and hysteria I've been reading and watching on the subject of Jade Helm.

My big question is: While all the attention is focused on this topic, what's being slipped by people that will make Jade Helm seem like a picnic?
I watched his vids and I still never heard him say "Why" they are doing this.
I am with DLP, something else is going on. We have spent how much time thinking and talking about Jade Helm? What other big news have we had? Is jade helm the only thing going on in our world?
Again, he is a fake and lies. This is not an opinion, it is fact. He is narcissistic, deceptive and manipulative. He has been doing this for YEARS with other things.
Esholars, yes, something else is going on. I think we are missing something.
Twice, your opinion here actually explains the other question I had that I did not mention: How can this guy spout off so much secret stuff without getting pummeled by the establishment? In other words, in his alleged logistics training, the fact that Walmart is a backup military hub would be highly secret.....HIGHLY secret. Therefore, I would think that an individual who was blowing the whistle on it would do so anonymously and without a video of his face. That aspect of it doesn't compute here, and so Twice's links hold extra weight in my opinion. 

But before we dismiss this entirely, IS THERE ANY PART OF THE MESSAGE THAT IS TRUE?? We don't want to fall into the trap of shooting the messenger if some aspect (or all the message) is true. So, let's now transition from the messenger to the actual message....

Is there any grain of truth to it? How do we know?
I believe the message would need to come from someone other than him to be considered to hold any grain of reliability. Information from a person who is intentionally deceiving others is not trustworthy and can not be considered valid in my opinion. If ANYBODY out there is using him as a resource their information would be called into question also, not that they also are trying to deceive but that their info is gathered from an UNRELIABLE source.
Could something he mentioned be accurate, maybe...something (many lies are mixed with some truth) but why take that chance and why give credence to him?
If the same information is found from someone else and their source and information does not lead back to Dr. William Mounts, then that information could be weighed and considered.
Again, I don't THINK he has has flat out lied, I know for a FACT he has lied. I don't lightly call someone the "L" word. lol
Feel free to pm me if you want to understand why I believe so strongly about his deceit.
Twice, yes, I'm interested in knowing more about the liar. Please do send more material my way.

At the same time, however, even if this is the devil himself, the deceit would fall flat on it's face if it was 100% untruth. Therefore, I tend to look more at the actual message and discard the facts about the messenger. If, for example, there's indication that only 1% of the message is factual, I'm really wanting to know what the 1% is. That is my point, but at the same time, I'm also willing to learn more about the messenger. I do like to separate the two concept here, though. I think that's important for multiple reasons.
I will pm you. I don't know how you can find out the factual unless there is someone who has factual that is the same info but generated by a different source than the "Dr".
this part seems to be true.

Walmart Directly Tied To DHS – Inside Info May Have Prompted Store Closures
Posted on April 16, 2015 by Mark W
No, but is Jade Helm a catalyst or companion to a few very big things that are being stitched-up for us right now? Many speak as if they beleive so. I do too.

(05-16-2015, 02:02 AM)esholars Wrote: I watched his vids and I still never heard him say "Why" they are doing this.
I am with DLP, something else is going on. We have spent how much time thinking and talking about Jade Helm? What other big news have we had? Is jade helm the only thing going on in our world?

Eagle1, in response to your
"But before we dismiss this entirely, IS THERE ANY PART OF THE MESSAGE THAT IS TRUE?? We don't want to fall into the trap of shooting the messenger if some aspect (or all the message) is true. So, let's now transition from the messenger to the actual message...."

Yes! we have too many pictures of DHS, military vehicles, even hazmat? or some other type of govt. vehicle that was not commonly-seen all in Walmart parking lots *now,* for us to deny that there's some truth to part of his message, hence even the devil spouts truth with his lies, cliche.

Here is absolute proof that the tunnels exist connecting walmarts, towns and even a NASA facility in Alabama at the link coming in moments. FOX, ad nauseum MSM have joked about nutty conspiracy of tunnels, but this forum is owned by County officials in Paulding County, Georgia. Peruse this, and see that this website of theirs has been used for many years. This thread is dated 2004! Dig this.....they even gave their citizens tours of the tunnels.

Why is this being largely ignored? Because it's so danged true....

Great summary! I find it quite funny how one of the best truth meters is how much mainstream media jokes and demeans certain conspiracy "theories." In other words, the stronger the jokes against the 'conspiracy theory,' the more true it probably is or at least more attention we should probably give to investigate it. Mainstream media has a nasty habit of all sorts of logical fallacies, including name calling, ad hominem attacks, etc. When this happens, it should be an immediate red flag that some big truth is being covered up. 
Eagle1, sir have you ever read even part of The Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitical Brainwashing? (that is almost exactly the title even if I didn't get words in order)

It was introduced into our nation, reportedly in the 1920s as I think I recall, first being taught in a labor union hall on the East coast. It's geniune and serious as cancer, so to speak. In it....they taught how very well insult and ridicule of one's enemy, is.

I hope this is a complete copy. I was introduced to it in the early 80s, and even back then it was chilling and "self evident" how authentic it was has obviously been done to us in this nation and look! it worked....the CPUSA finally got a communist elected into the most freedom loving nation on earth.

I saw the pics in this short video yesterday. Said they were taken in Gulfport, Mississippi. Not part of Jade Helm, so they say but then coincidentally, cough cough, almost if not every state is having military drills at this time.

There is ZERO excuse, need or reason for our military to be using THIS picture for target but our Marines were doing so. I've even seen one of a woman holding a child, another of a pregnant woman.

Dated today is a new pic at, oh this one is a doozy. A SWEDISH tank photographed in Texas?! I got the link for just the picture so y'all don't have to wade through a long article about J.Helm at this time. Just the pic and the facebook entry I think it was, next to it...from the dude that snapped and posted it.
Wow. Psychopolotics. A name I would never have given the type of content in that link. In my initial scan, I found some gems. For example,

1. "Psychopolitics is the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through "mental healing."

2. "To be obeyed, one must be believed. If one is sufficiently believed, one will unquestioningly be obeyed. "

3. "The end of war is the control of a conquered people. If a people can be conquered in the absence of war, the end of war will have been achieved without the destruction of war. A worthy goal. "

That second one is the more verbose version of "the halo effect."

Oh my gosh, Nanny. This is great stuff. Thanks for posting!
It's the marriage of Psychology and politics, with a heavy dusting of tyrannical evil of course. Why wouldn't you have called it this? (I bet you have a dang-good label or two for it. Care to share?)

I hope you manage to get all the way through it. They actually acknowledge that the churches/spirituality can do great healing because they say in that somewhere that above all, one must prevent the churches from being able to. One of their top priorities was indeed to infiltrate mental health institutions at the highest level---he who writes the textbooks is the god of that subject, just like he who counts the votes is the one with power, not the voters.

Here's a couple of gems,

"The Capitalist does not know the definition of war. He thinks of war as attack with force performed by soldiers and machines. He does not know that a more effective if somewhat longer war can be fought with bread or, in our case, with drugs and the wisdom of our art. In truth, the Capitalist has never won a war. The psychopolitician is having little trouble winning this one."

"If we can effectively kill the national pride and patriotism of just one generation we will have won that country. Therefore we must keep up a continual barrage of propaganda abroad to undermine the loyalty of the citizens in general and the teenager in particular."

Just in the past few years we've gotten reports leaked, and in Army docs. that potential terrorists are Christians, those defending our constitution, etc. Dig THIS one...

"You must work until "religion" is synonymous with "insanity." You must work until the officials of city, county, and state governments will not think twice before they pounce upon religious groups as public enemies."

Yep, they succeeded in their evil patience, we're there.

I am not finding the talk of degrading the youth, providing every type of carnal pleasure possible, etc. This may not be a complete work, but it's certainly enough to see what's been done behind the scenes for longer than us boomers have been alive.

OMgosh I forgot one thing! Did you notice yet where they talk about "zombies?!"
Posted on April 30, 2015 by Dave Hodges
Eagle1, here are two links that should be "married" to the one you appreciated so much. Living, breathing confirmation of all it says and more is in these two links. This Russian Agent defected here in 1970. He was the son of a high-ranking military man in Russia, and he became a change agent, officially called an agent of Propaganda.

The first video has a lot of black-and-white historic photos of him and his job in there, but then of course he gets to revealing very much.

The second video of him is about Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society. It is the most-powerful one, perhaps, but nah they're both powerful. (editing this in, just past 2:00 minutes into this one, he said that 85% of the KGB's work is not James Bond-like stuff, no blowing up bridges etc...but is "subversion" which he said is the destruction of a nation from within or words to that effect.
He stressed that this is the things done overtly! that if we are paying attention we see it all, legally done in the system...***BINGO*** barry's been doing this for years now.

Actually, these two videos are priceless and had they aired repeatedly on shows like 60Minutes a few decades ago, we couldn't BE in the condition we are in, now. But of course...TPTB would have none of this.
is JADE Helm about initiating a computer program for artificial intelligence?!?!?! (note: I never use the term "AI" because it is a name for a powerful demon. even saying it in my head feels...ick)

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