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Ed Montalvo's Trophy Case
The Validated Dreams of...Ed Montalvo
Validated Precognition #1 for Ed Montalvo

We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: New Dinosaur Discovery

Links for Documentation:

Dream Link (2014-08-21)

News Link (2014-09-05)

(Score Format = WHAT-WHERE-WHEN)

WHAT: 4.5 out of 5 -- Dreadnoughtus Dinosaur vs New Dinosaur Discovered. The article talks about a new dinosaur discovery of a huge new dinosaur. My dream was about a discovery of a new feathered dinosaur.

ADMIN: Just the mere fact that a new dinosaur was predicted and later discovered is strikingly significant. We cannot ignore the difference in features, though, so here's how we proceed. First off, we consider Ed's dino to be metaphoric because of the vast difference in key characteristics between the two dinos. This metaphor receives a full 5.0 because subject = New Dino, verb = discovered, and the metaphor serves as 3rd required descriptor (i.e., Dreadnoughtus Dino). Since Ed did not clarify this metaphor prior to the discovery, we subtract the standard metaphoric "penalty," which is 0.5. No other points are deducted because the metaphor is clear and obvious (Ed dino represented the real dino).

WHERE: 0 out of 5 -- In the dream there was no where but I went to bed with the intention of dreaming about a headline in Dallas. The dinosaur was discovered in Argentina.

Ed is correct here. The dream takes place in a separate continent and thus receives no points.

WHEN: 3 out of 5 -- Ed's dream came true within 1 month. The intention was for an event within 6 weeks, and it took approx 3 weeks to manifest. That is well within the established timeframe for the intention and within the next higher scoring rung...the month. Therefore, 3 points.

Metaphors or further clarification include:
In my dream the head was of a bird. In the article they said there was no head found and that this type of dinosaur is referred to as being a headless dinosaur because the head is never or rarely found.

Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 4.5 - 0 - 3
- Very great start, Ed!! What a rare event that you caught in your dream!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to

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09-12-2014, 05:31 PM  
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RE: The Validated Dreams of...Ed Montalvo
3 times this week, I’ve had dreams that came true meaning that things that I saw in my dream and either wrote in my dream journal or sketched came true. To give an example, I had a very detailed dream in which I kicked something I thought to be a roast (Conical Shaped Meat) into some water. When I went to see where it was, I saw a steel girder underwater, and I saw that roast resting on the girder. Later that evening, I took my son to dinner (I’m divorced so I get him on Wednesday evenings) and as I was telling him about my dream, I noticed his shirt was a new one of a Boardwalk of some kind.

I’m sure it’s clear to anyone who sees my sketch and the picture of his shirt can see the similarities. As a dreamer yourself, I’m sure you realize the difficulty of having exact clarity when these images are mixed in with what seems to be a complete story.
I have found that I have been dreaming of things that I actually saw the next day with my eyes, and yet I’m seeing this while I’m asleep several hours earlier. As I told Chris, the farthest ahead I actually have confirmation of a dream was 4 months earlier.
It got me wondering how I would be able to predict non-local events if I’m only dreaming what my eyes are actually seeing?
One of the ideas I’ve had is to start to have a habit of reading the newspaper headlines every single day. My thinking is that if I start this habit, the hope is that regular familiarity with the layout of a newspaper will begin to help me know (while I’m dreaming) that I am actually looking at a newspaper. So if I see a while rectangle in my dream tomorrow, and I see it the next night, and I see it the following night, I’ll condition myself to know that if I study that white rectangle I might be able to read the date and the headlines. If this starts to go well, then I can work on trying to dream what is in the newspaper 2,3,4 even a week before.

I have not started this test yet but I wanted to put this idea out there and solicit suggestions for this type of dream enhancement.

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09-12-2014, 05:50 PM  
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RE: The Validated Dreams of...Ed Montalvo
How about some new flying creatures.

Ancient 'dragon' beast flew right out of 'Avatar'

I know because I can read.
I read because I want to know.

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