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DF_01 Sherriann Oct/Nov 2nd Wave of Ebola CLOSED
Along with 132 passengers. What did she leave behind in Cleveland and the town she was visiting? That is what I am watching for the 2nd wave. 21 days max from Oct 13 (and she was there before that) puts the timing at Nov 3. Big sigh!!

A family member of Ms. Vinson self-quarantined himself in his home in Tallmadge, Ohio, near Akron on Tuesday, after learning of Ms. Vinson’s symptoms, said Marguerite Erme, medical director of the Summit County Health Department. Ms. Vinson visited family in Tallmadge and didn’t visit Akron, according to the city’s mayor speaking at a news conference.

The family member, who is not showing any symptoms, is the only person Ohio health officials have identified as having had direct contact with Ms. Vinson. Ms. Erme said officials have spent all day interviewing family members to try to put together a timeline of the woman’s movements and contacts while she was staying in the area.
Eff me, I didn't even make that connection!
October 15, 2014

Matt Drudge’s Ominous Ebola Tweet! Nurses Slam Hospital, CDC! “Astonishing Series Of Failures” – National Strike Threatened!

Matt Drudge has just released an ominous one-word tweet to all of his followers, his only tweet after wiping his account clean in May, and again days ago. That tweet is getting a lot of attention from those who are paying attention and a warning to all: “Self-quarantine”.

As US Politicians Consider Travel Bans, Istanbul Quarantines Hospital Of Suspected Ebola Patient

Dallas Commissioners Will Declare State Of Disaster Tomorrow Over Ebola

Did Obama Just Raise The Ebola Threat Level?

The Centers for Disease Control said that the second nurse to catch Ebola at the Dallas hospital shouldn't have flown commercially.
But as CBS News reports, the CDC itself authorized her flight in advance:

Top U.S. Military Leaders are Worried About Ebola

“If you bring two doctors who happen to have that specialty [i.e. doctors who are experts in Ebola] into a room, one will say, ‘No there is no way it will ever become airborne, but it could mutate so it could be harder to discover,’ ” and another might say something completely different, Dempsey said.

He said he is alarmed by the World Health Organization’s warning that Ebola cases could increase and the virus could mutate.
“Then it will be an extraordinarily serious problem,” he said. “I don’t know who is right. I don’t want to take that chance, so I am taking it very seriously.”

Dallas News
We are deeply sorry”: Top official at Presbyterian to offer mea culpa to Congress on Thursday

Hospital: "We Made Mistakes" and Are "Deeply Sorry"

NBC Correspondent Quarantined for Ebola is Spotted Going Out in New Jersey Anyway


questions from reader....
Go read now.
Shutdown: A Single Ebola Patient Has Overwhelmed The System: Dallas Hospital Forced To Close Emergency Room

Patient #3 CONFIRMED In Dallas: Total Breakdown in Ebola Control Protocols

Unlike Africans who have been dealing with mass slaughter as an everyday fact of life for the last hundred or two years,
I believe the industrialized world will go bat crazy and fly off the deep end as incompetence and idiocy mount daily.

Disaster planning is now shelter in place evidently.
Keeping an eye on things....

Quinte Healthcare communications director Susan Rowe said Tuesday afternoon the hospital is expecting test results to be available Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, following an update from the National Microbiology lab in Winnipeg.




New York, Bellevue

Yale, New Haven, CT
News 8 Medical Reporter Jocelyn Maminta has talked to a credible source with the hospital who says the patient is one of the Yale Researchers who just returned from a trip to Liberia on Monday. This is one of the same researchers officials decided not to have quarantined after their trip to Africa.
Ebola vs. civil liberties
By Charles Krauthammer
Published October 20, 2014

In the face of a uniquely dangerous threat, we Americans have trouble recalibrating our traditional (and laudable) devotion to individual rights and civil liberties. That is the fundamental reason we've been so slow in getting serious about Ebola.

(10-06-2014, 01:46 AM)Alexander Wrote: Major disease and vaccine problem:

Around 2009, I found myself visiting a city – it seemed to be in the PNW – Portland? Seattle? I do not know for sure. The city was in ruins from what I surmised had been a series of major earthquakes, etc. People were scavenging for food, water, etc. Looked like a Hollywood apocalyptic disaster movie set. In one sequence I had an on the ground remote viewing experience with a group of people who were dressed as if homeless and without possessions rummaging through the ruins of what had been a public water treatment plant looking for bottles of drinkable water.  At the end of the experience, my attention was drawn to written and telepathically conveyed warnings about a vaccine that was somehow accidentally (or carelessly?) formulated incorrectly and had actually been a major contributor to mass deaths.  Most of the city population was gone, by the way.  Not as a conspiracy thing, just that it had been formulated incorrectly however that had occurred. Later I wondered if the whole global flu pandemic and vaccine scare was just a test run for something more in the future.

Alexander- In Olympia WA, there is a public water hole off 4th st. It is a spout that runs constantly from an underground aquifer of good clean drinking water from an artesian well.. I often go there to fill up 5 gal jugs.
Downtown Olympia imitates parts of Portland with college kids, hippie types, government yuppies etc, and - yes- homeless folks young and old that hang around the water park. This park is virtually a cleaned up municipal larking lot surrounded by buildings. Hard to find if one doesn't know it is there as it blends in seamlessly with the surroundings. EERIE that your vision/dream matches this place literally.
I am keeping my eye on this in Post # 30.

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