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Travellers from the future causing circular problems for the future
My intention: Tonight I will have dreams that will show me what my "earthquake" feeling will result in.

My memory of this dream is a bit fuzzy. In the dream, I am having it explained to me that travellers from the future bringing ideas to the past are causing problems in the future. Because of the problems, this results in more travellers to the past giving more ideas to try and prevent the problems. The ideas are not fully thought out; the more the ideas are brought to the past, the more problems it causes. I had a sense that there were opposing sides as well; one side wants one thing, another side wants another thing. As one side gets more of their ideas into the past, it forces the other side to react. The escalation becomes more and more destructive, until eventually I'm told it destroys everything. One of the last things told to me was "you are responsible".

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