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GI meeting
No intent, possibly day residue.
Mood: calm

I walked into a room (possibly a locker type room) full of military men in various stages of dress, mostly without shirts. They were sitting, standing and listening to a man dressed in full uniform of Air Force Blues. He said “ignore section _?_, group 2.” The pants were colored fatigue green and brown.

Phone rang, I woke up, missed many details.
No intent
Mood: calm
I was in a bomb store/supply office.
Different size bombs hanging on the walls and on shelves. The bombs were all shades of green with darker color near the tail fin. (what is a tail fin?) Some of the bombs had numbers on them but, I don't know what they meant so I didn't remember them.
I was listening to the owner. He said, "With 4 smaller bombs you have to make sure you go to 4 different places which will mean you need to have troops to help you. With 1 big one you can deliver it alone, set it, leave and watch the results on TV."
He looked over at me and asked if I needed help. I said I was just looking.

I never saw who he was talking to.

The owner had a GI haircut and was wearing a white t-shirt with khaki pants. Was muscular and very military looking.

*ps: Military men are nice to look at but, I wish they would stop getting in my dreams in this manner.
04/27/2015 am
I ask my guides to give me a hint.
This is what I woke with.

Thinking how there was emergency training going on at the sites and on the same days as some of the recent events. I am thinking/beliving we are being set up.

Sandy Hook was having an emergency training event that same day.
Boston Marathon was having emergency training that day.
9/11 there was military training happening which caused the delay in Jets scrambling.
Now how do all the supposeded bad guys get copies of the training manuals and plans? Are they sent out by the PTB as an invitation?

How far from big cities are these small towns (sites to use as behind the lines bases for rescue/planning)?

Isis is supposedly just on the other side of the border in Mexico. We are watching all this stuff about Jade Helm.

ISIS = bad guys with bombs?
Jade Helm = military saviors?
sites = places in states that are considered trouble to the PTB!
Walmart = has a deal with the DOD. There are 6 closed with the plumbing problem.

I dream military making plans being told to ignore one place on their plan list. I dream someone is buying bombs, 4 small and 1 big.

Remember the big dreams from last year that turned out to not be so big: Dallas, Houston ...etc?

They still have not told me to leave my area so I guess I am either gone or OK!
BTW, there was emergency training going on in Nepal for Earthquakes too.
Fantastic work, esholars! You now have earned the right to experience 100 blissful dreams.

On another note, I'm now starting to see an abnormal occurrence of BOMBS in the dreams and the dream linguistics.
There was also emergency training in Colorado beofre the Theater shooting.

I repeat: look at how many of these trials are in the news recently or currently. In our faces!
No accident folks.
How can the public be so entrenched in "normalcy bias"? Must be the fluoride in the water.
Are the dreamers' subconscious the only link to truth and does it unfold quickly enough?

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