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Barry Retreating...Suspect embarrassing + night in new york -- DreamBot 10/05/14
Nothing to see here folks...move along. KIDDING!

Barry moves in yet again...this is getting crazy. This time, "Barry retreating" More analysis after the picture...


1. "Healing skeptical" Sounds like ebola to me (or at least what we're being fed by the handlers)
2. This group feels like Barry is about to get discovered, and it will be embarrassing. Hasn't it been embarrassing enough already? Apparently not...
3. Concerned about New York or the original....York, England. Nights and ghosts...there's some sort of spiritual murder going on here, and a giant to boot.
4. The smoking gun will be a professor who comes out of the closet, probably on the truth about ebola, and there's some computer code connecting this conspiracy (or is it genetic code?) Hmmmm.

Remember, linguistics by themselves CAN be predictive, but don't typically have low probability until actual dream language overlaps. Have a great day.

Searchable text version...
10/5/2014    %Change from Ave    % Change from Yesterday

healing    95.5%    1300.0%
skeptical    107.6%    1200.0%
sunday    63.2%    1100.0%
retreat    61.5%    1100.0%
barry    217.3%    900.0%
monsters    76.8%    450.0%
consider    101.9%    366.7%
thanks    86.2%    333.3%
suspect    86.2%    275.0%
embarrassing    80.2%    266.7%
signs    220.8%    233.3%
ghosts    76.0%    200.0%
motion    89.8%    183.3%
tongue    97.0%    180.0%
nights    62.9%    171.4%
york    205.3%    150.0%
spiritual    179.5%    143.8%
murder    104.5%    122.2%
worst    96.7%    116.7%
giant    135.7%    116.1%
chose    66.9%    114.3%
forgotten    64.7%    114.3%
daily    54.9%    114.3%
avoid    65.4%    111.1%
professor    82.6%    87.5%
list    77.8%    85.2%
smoking    96.5%    81.8%
sand    59.4%    80.0%
mum    128.2%    76.9%
why    55.6%    50.6%
involving    136.0%    50.0%
code    114.3%    47.6%
The Ebola Patient Was Sent Home Because of Bad Software
I would be very embarrassed if I was such a failure.

Every single thing this president has tried has failed
Are you skeptical about his first recovery?

Hospital monitoring doctor cleared of Ebola virus
A Massachusetts hospital is awaiting test results on a doctor and missionary who was successfully treated for Ebola he contracted in Africa and now is back in the hospital with what appears to be a respiratory infection.

Belt's 18th-inning blast puts Giants in command after six intense hours.
their unexplainable October magic continues|aol20|dl2|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D540523
'Where's the global warming?' Expert says public are growing sceptical of climate change
Feds Wonder Why Fat Girls Can’t Get Dates
The federal government is spending nearly a half a million dollars to find out why obese teenage girls have a hard time getting dates.
I think this might be classified under murder.
Assisted Suicide ‘Out of Control’ in Netherlands

However, there were also 97 people who were killed by their doctors because they had dementia.
Ya know what, NADW, if we do that (Sunday retreat), then we have Barry monsters, and that is completely appropriate. Smile (so I agree)
Hmmm, "healing skeptical." Well, I saw a news report about a doctor that was healed? of ebola, and he's now sick again and they're checking to see if he's had a relapse.

I've got so much to still learn about this huge, and successful endeavor at this website! Here's a question before I consider this meme further.

Has experience shown that the words indeed are always, or mostly? grouped in the order they are found in increase? I ask because of Monster being in one group, ghost in another, and sometimes other words seem to fit better in another group, but the person running this "has it going on" so I do need to be educated a bit.
I suppose I should have clarified. Most people will probably disagree on where the green boxes should end up going. Those are just my initial take. Take them with a grain of salt. Perhaps I should dispense with the green boxes?
mum why involving code
This is the truth about Ebola…

Dr. Leonard Horowitz wrote about manmade Ebola almost 20 yrs ago… So consciously we all should know this is a controlled dis ease as in CDC (center for disease control LOL)  He dug up contracts for germ warfare… And here it is with us today, as planned.  His science/research should tie up any loose ends, any doubt people have concerning Ebola, as natural.

Don't have time for the book, (by the same name (below) - 1996) tis a super Horowitz video with plenty of details.
Dr Leonard Horowitz -

Emerging Viruses AIDS & Ebola Nature, Accident or Intentional?

or here is a quick read, a dialog between Horowitz and Gary Null.

Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola. Nature, Accident or Intentional?
Leading Democrat: Obama Is Disconnected from His Own Government

Welcome to Fantasy Island
political journalist named John Barry

The Most Ambitious Environmental Lawsuit Ever
smoking sand

And the other problems with the test are significant as well: errors in carrying out the highly sensitive procedure; lab contamination of the sample taken from the patient; choice of a sample that is not a virus at all, or is the wrong virus.

And upon this foundation of sand, the whole “Ebola epidemic” is being foisted on the public.
Eagle1, you've done a pretty dang good job with the boxes, so I dunno. It does seem, theoretically to my simple mind that words that are the most increased could very-well go together. I'm so very new here and know you/y'all have a ton of experience at this, so had to ask...

from the headlines that have come after so many memes, have they, do you recall, mostly gone together with those they've grouped with? or do words way down a list sometimes go with some far from them?

Did I just fry your brain with my sophmoric questions? LOL I hope not!

(10-05-2014, 10:39 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: I suppose I should have clarified. Most people will probably disagree on where the green boxes should end up going. Those are just my initial take. Take them with a grain of salt. Perhaps I should dispense with the green boxes?
(10-06-2014, 02:44 PM)Sherriann Wrote: smoking sand

And the other problems with the test are significant as well: errors in carrying out the highly sensitive procedure; lab contamination of the sample taken from the patient; choice of a sample that is not a virus at all, or is the wrong virus.

And upon this foundation of sand, the whole “Ebola epidemic” is being foisted on the public.

I think you covered all of the 4th section with this. A direct hit.
professor lists smoking sand mums why code.

Mums is the word. English for keeping quite, and why is because of the errors in the code.
I'm not sure about the relationship of the other post with the PDF download.
seems to me almost a precise description of the story in your link.

Now I've been trying to make sense of the the linguistics around "Ghost's Motion"

I believe this regards legal language. Apparently Title 28 of the United States Code. Judicial Administration;jsessionid=nscTJz6N33P0pS3SJXZ9p1H2B7rhyTRVdYcT9TgLJS0N1g8hQxLg!1674815910!-620447296?collectionCode=CFR&searchPath=Title+28&oldPath=&isCollapsed=true&selectedYearFrom=2013&ycord=707

U.S. Code › Title 28 › Part V › Chapter 123 › § 1927
28 U.S. Code § 1927 - Counsel’s liability for excessive costs

This basically covers the majority of the linguistic run. Provided I've deduced the correct cat from the paw prints.

I interpret the linguistics to run along these lines:
At a (sunday retreat barry monsters consider thanks), but (suspect embarrassing signs in ghost motions).

Ghostwriting is part of litigation coaching and is the act of a lawyer who secretly writes a court document, such as a statement of claim or some such other official court document or pleadings, on behalf of a pro se or self-represented litigant who then signs and files the document as his or her own.
Now this next bit is really fun....wheeeee......because it's also tied to the previous post I do believe...well, ready now? we go....

tongue nights york spiritual murders worst giant chose forgotten daily.  Now I don't know about the rest of you but this speaking tongues
business isn't very helpful. Lets put some meat on the bones. This is the way it's supposed to have read. Rolleyes

"tongues in the nights caused york spiritual murders and lead to ghost motions by worst giants who chose what is forgotten dailydaily."

I predict this gibberish is related to the system of fronting boys for sex clubs through religious, political, and corporate organizations. Organized pedophile rings disguised as legitimate powers discussing potentially embarrassing ghost motions which could lead to finger pointing at minions of PTB. That's what I'm reading.  Got it?'s boy trouble...and not in a good way.

See people, what we have is a shortage of personnel going on. It's been going on ever since gays began breaking out of the closet. You can't get a gay man or woman fired just because they are a homosexual, nor do we send them to prison any longer, or treat them as mentally ill. In other words, these harmless people have always been tools by corrupt societies. In fact it's a hallmark of a corruption. That is if a harmless person is criminalized or cast as socially undesirable, then you can be positive you're living inside of a corrupted political system. 100% positive without any doubt.

Forbidden social morays are keys which can control entire societies through exploitation. This is why the military is full of crap about keeping gays in the closet. They seem to have forgotten that Baron von Steuben was a big time homo who literally wrote the book for the American Army. So being an open homosexual wasn't a problem for Washington or anyone else in the 18th Century, so why is it a problem today?

I'm hammering on this because it's important to understand that it's a created forbidden social behavior. That is to say, it's an artificial creation to claim any harmless person is socially undesirable.  That can only happen when the mouth pieces of a society are themselves corrupted and on a mission to make people useful tools by typecasting others as undesirable, almost always by spreading lies about them, and typically by abusing their own positions of social status to function as loud speakers. So, casting harmless people as social outcasts is quite unlike calling pedophiles or murderers as socially undesirable. It's an important point if you want to understand and see the people who are corrupted. Only a corrupted person will ever use their social or political standing to typecast harmless people as enemies of the rest of society.

OK...just wanted to make sure no one took my remarks as hurtful or injurious. It's important we all understand what's going on and how it goes on.
Forbidden practices are social morays and these are always keys to control through black mail. These so-called social undesirables are always defined by the rulers of any society. When harmless people are typecast as socially undesirable then you can be positive your leadership is corrupt and dangerous. That is an an axiom of social order.

Now that I've made that clear, move on to understanding that this secret child abduction rape club is part of the necessity of having people in positions of power whom you can absolutely control, and those are pedophiles and people who you could lock up because of the crimes you know they have been involved in.

Understand? Questions?  This is our world. This is the control paradigm. It's the same one used by organized crime the world over. Only the names have been changed, and not to protect the innocent. Face this and know your real world.

From October 18th 2012.

York case on Boy Scouts' abuse list. *Extracts Below.
A York County Boy Scout leader was among the 1,932 people listed on a previously confidential record of Scouts who sexually abused or were accused of sexually abusing children. Included in the Boy Scouts so-called "perversion files" from 1971-1991, the York man was asked to resign after being accused of molesting a couple of boys during a camping trip in 1983, according to the document. The "perversion files" from 1965 to 1985 are expected to include 20,000 pages of documents.
Lightning kills 11 Colombian tribe members during ritual
The Wiwa carries out "spiritual harmonization rituals" when they are faced with internal disputes or environmental problems, Onic explained in a statement.

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