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Reputation Points for Precognition
We will be handling reputation points differently in the new trophy case. From now, we simply add all the points for your score and add that to your total reputation. So, for example, a score of 4-3-5 would be a reputation of +12. If partial points are rounded up, so 1.5 is actually 2 for reputation.

I encourage people to freely give other guests reputation points for any reason at any time. Reputation can be generated from any content that moves others. But in terms of precognition and this trophy case, you can expect to receive the total number of points in your validated score. For those who have still not received their new reputation scores from the old validated dreams, simply send me a private message with the number you still need. Remember, you will be taking your old validated scores and using the NEW reputation scoring system.
I almost forgot an important new feature, and people submitting validation reports need to watch this closely.

When your dream is validated as precognitive several things should happen:
1. You'll get a new entry into your trophy case
2. You'll get the appropriate reputation points as discussed above
3. You'll see your dreamBase entry change. Specifically, the item on the bottom will shift to #3 (has come true and validated)
4. In the extra comment section of your dream, you should see a link to your trophy case entry. Thus, when visitors come by and read your dream, they will see that it came true and they will have the link to come see the validation form.

For example, see NativeAmericanDreamWeaver's latest validated dream and notice the items at the bottom of the form:

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