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foreign baby
We move to a really bad apartment.  im in the bathroom. Im freaking out about the bathroom carpet. The landlord said he would replace the carpet but he didn’t. its torn in places. Theres bare splintering wood and nails. Its stained and filthy. Im freaking out to hubby. “ I am not staying here. He said he would replace the carpet in the bathroom!” hubby acts like no big deal. Hes putting stuff away where ever he wants.
Then hes had enough of my freakout and says “wait til you see the carpet by your closet.” I said I saw it. That’s just a stain that can be cleaned.” Hes like"its spilled nail polish. The floors all crusty”  Then my focus shifts to the fact that he has started putting stuff away. He has put the bed where he wants and the dressers where he wants. He decided that his clothes go in this closet.  
Im angry. I start to put my clothes in there too and theres obviously no room.  I do one of those huffing puffing angry sounds.  Then I remember theres another room with 2 closets so I start putting my stuff in there. Im still angry about the carpet and this place is so nasty.
Then I start looking for something. I ask hubby have you seen such and such.  He says no. I cant remember now what it was. But the baby starts climbing a ladder up to this storage nook between the top of the closet and the ceiling. Its like an exposed attic.  She (I say she because I dressed her in pink but this child is not a human child - I cant put my finger on it but somethings not right) climbs the ladder and I yell to get down get down! But she keeps going up. Then she sees something up there she wants. In a plastic bag. Not what I was looking for. She pulls it down and starts climbing down the back side of the ladder. Shes struggling to reach those bracing rungs that are not rungs and are far apart. Something happens. I think its too hard. She barely reaches from one rung to the next dangling by her arms to put her foot on the next one. She makes it and runs to show me her foot. She has a huge sliver and bleeding.  I say see what happens? I told you not to go on that.  
Then grandmother is there. she is not either my mom or my hubby's mom. she has very dark hair and eyes and medium tan skin.  she is the grandmother of the child but not related to us. I look at baby after I see grandmother and try to see the resemblance.
I grasp the end of the sliver and yank it out.  It had to have almost come through the other side of her foot it was so long.  I was showing grandmother the sliver and it was curling up as I was showing her.  Weird. I needed the medicine and wash the wound before it gets infected.  It takes a little time to find it. I bring baby to the sink to wash her foot.  I set her on the counter with her feet in the sink.  Something strange about her feet. Theres like a growth point of the bone where the bone actually sticks out the bottom of her foot . I understand its because she grows so fast. Layers of It wash away with the water and theres just what looks like a birth mark. I can barely tell where to splinter went in. it almost healed already.  I wash it and put the medicine on it.  
I realize we need some supplies.  Grandmother and I go to walmart to get some. As we are going in the baby suddenly has horrible diarrhea and vomits on my hand. I think "is it because shes allergic to the medicine I put on her foot?" I realize we have no diaper bag. Grandmother waits outside with baby while I go into walmart to get the diapers.
This is a weird walmart.  I cant find anything. The first section is towels and washcloths and stuff is a wreck. Like they are rearranging the store and moving things in garbage bags.  I see a bag of diapers but when I look in the bag they are adult diapers.  I think "I need some wash cloths" but then I remember im in a hurry.
I head out a door to the next section.  Theres food and stuff in here.  Im looking all over trying to hurry and get the baby stuff.  I head out a door into the next section theres a woman working there. Dusting.  Her uniform looks like young nuns wear, brown calf-length plain dress with white apron and white scarf on her hair. She asks if im finding everything I say no im definitely not, but she is extremely rude.  I tell her so as im walking away. I see diapers as im walking, she is following me, like she wants to beat me up cuz I called her rude. I don’t have time for this im hurrying with the diapers.  She is still yelling at me and im yelling back at her. Finally she gives up and I go out the door.
I realize now outside that I can see three separate huge buildings that are joined together with doors and sidewalks and I am so far away from where I parked.  I feel awful that it has taken so long and I start heading back to them.  I get there and apologize and try to explain why it took so long and the store is actually 3 huge buildings.  I carried the babys blanket with the vomit all through the store. I have no idea why.  People I walked past would cringe from the smell of it.

notes:  this is the 5th dream ive had of walmart in a month.
this is the 5th dream ive had of a not human infant in 3 weeks.
this is the 4th dream ive had with involving my "parents" in a month.
this is the 5th dream ive had involving moving to another location that is less than what I consider decent.
this is the 9th dram ive had involving me going into a bathroom in a month.
this is the 31st dream ive had since march 1st where I felt like I was in a huge hurry to get whatever I was doing done in a hurry.
Yes, you're in a hurry because though we awake souls have expected something huge for several years, sigh...dangit, finally "time is short." (Yet we can keep hoping for more time because creator owns timelessness.)

In the other dreams with Walmart in them, was Walmart always rude, unpleasant, threatening or pardon me, was Walmart shown in a negative light in the other dreams? *(If so, I'm still shopping there, just so readers know this is NOT my point of asking.
I want to know this in-light of Jade Helm revelations that now make sense. The county in Georgia that their officials confirmed have tunnels under them that yes do involve Walmarts, are my reason for asking.)
its always in a negative light. which is odd because my actual experiences are not like that.
its definitely a recent and sudden uptick in the hurry factor Big Grin
I tell ya the truth, I expected it to be so. This is because of Jade Helm and the tunnels. What sounded to me like goofy conspiracy-nut talk has proven itself reality.

Dig this! even as I started reading it the first time, I expected this to be a "punking me" experience. Wasn't gonna fall for it,'s truly the website forum of a County in Georgia. Here's a page from 2004. So, I of course went to the front page of the thing, and it's still an operable, current serious website of this county of a number of small towns that conduct their business and networking on.

Then, official Jade Helm pages..

Random thoughts as I read the dream:

One of the things that stood out to me about this dream was the repeated theme of messiness/disorganization, things being put wherever. Being unable to find what you need, what is necessary. Things hidden from you. First in the new apartment, then at Walmart.

The baby who wasn't a baby, the grandmother who wasn't a relative. Yet there was a resemblance, implying a biological tie between the two. Your description of the baby and the grandmother made me think of "not-human", or alien. In fact, another meaning for foreign is alien. This idea was furthered by the idea of the baby doing things decidedly un-baby-like.

Climbing the ladder to a hitherto unseen attic. Finding something hidden in a plastic bag. Being unable to find what you need at the store, implying things were hidden from view.

The big sliver. Was it wooden or metallic? Either way, I'm reminded of the line from the movie The Little Mermaid, where Sebastian comments that someone needs to nail Ariel's fins to the floor. Removing the sliver removed the limitation, whatever it might have been.

The nun-clerk. Not sure what to make of her, beyond she could represent all those people who nay-say your ability to dream, those who may tell you to be happy with what you've got, and the voices that follow you around, criticizing you for some reason. This could include even your own voice. Yet, you're not willing to accept their words, evidenced by you yelling back at the nun-clerk.

Three separate buildings. When I see anything in threes, I know to pay attention. It's like if I have to hear or see something three times, the PTB(my guides/team) seriously want me to listen up, something important is being imparted.

This is a start.

As for the Walmart aspect, I've been reading a lot about a loose relationship between Walmart and JH. I have no idea if it's accurate and, given some of the wackiness I've been reading, not even sure if there is a relationship between the closing of the Walmarts and the start of JH.
im incubating walmarts role in jade helm tonight...its driving me nuts.
it seems like to me that the closings are because they are using those sites to load their underground bunkers.
Yes! thank you very much. This is a primo target. No doubt now the tunnels do exist and they do go to Walmarts as well as other locations.

(04-24-2015, 10:06 PM)still Wrote: im incubating walmarts role in jade helm tonight...its driving me nuts.  
it seems like to me that the closings are because they are using those sites to load their underground bunkers.

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