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4/22/17 Buried Bodies
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Evil is coming
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04-24-2017, 07:27 PM
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Dreams are flowing.
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4/21/17 Statue of a Gun a...
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04-22-2017, 08:02 AM
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Perhaps this is why were ...
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04-22-2017, 03:09 AM
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  4/26/17 A near carbon-copy of yesterday's run
Posted by: Eagle1 - 1 hour ago - Forum: DreamBot Runs - No Replies

Trending: glasses carriage obj response sudden horses hit clouds vision giants wind wed mon result lord dead passed 2017 shape ground word read cloud mean given possibly history last tab coming
Waning: front talking even off around kind time than look friend girl says now lucid message way back view class sat

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  4/25/17 Horse Carriage Responds to an Object in the Clouds
Posted by: Eagle1 - Yesterday, 07:41 AM - Forum: DreamBot Runs - Replies (1)

Trending: glasses mon carriage response horses sudden obj shown precious clouds vision wind hit giants result sun shape cloud possibly tab lord reading read passed history given stayed park great word
Waning: now one were down add categories private profile where into around had entries back lucid there up dream view class

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  4/24/17 Sun Dragon Hits the Asian Processes
Posted by: Eagle1 - 04-24-2017, 07:29 AM - Forum: DreamBot Runs - Replies (3)

Trending: wind flash clouds stayed sun dragon cold shape hit asian process numbers brought cloud park shred says sword fish passed knight whole animal air nights ground where kind reason secret
Waning: focus train door meaning three concrete heart bathroom god kitchen fighting hotel party river death hard wearing engine wed yesterday

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  Dreams are flowing.
Posted by: ybul0229 - 04-24-2017, 02:54 AM - Forum: Public Dreams - No Replies

First one was me trying to hide a kid from something. Seemed to be in a large town. Could be the evil in ggs dream.

Second the end of the dream. A van was driving by our home. Thought he was going to turn in, and steal food, but they drove by.

When I realized that nothing was going to be stolen, I saw the van was pulling trailers that appeared to be fully furnished rooms of a home.

I am very rural. Did have a family move to the farm and brought nothing except suitcases of clothes.

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  Evil is coming
Posted by: Goldengirl - 04-23-2017, 10:33 AM - Forum: Public Dreams - Replies (2)

This is the tail end of a much larger dream. The entire dream was very dark and dreary, dank and wet.

I am on a road trying to get either home or to work. The roads are suggestive of ones near my home, semi-rural and not a lot of traffic depending on where you are. Anyway, I seem to be on an ATV, and I come up behind the scariest vehicle I've ever seen. It resembles an old cart, but enormous, and it's teeming with aliens and devils and nasties. Crawling all over it. I can see a driver sitting on a high seat at the front of the cart.

I step on it and move ahead, all the while hearing jeering and feeling what I can only call the depths of despair pulsing off of the cart and it's occupants. I get well enough in front, and I turn around only to see a much smaller cart with only the driver on it. He looks like a B movie undertaker, dirty and unkempt with a beat up stovepipe hat. He smiles at me with a mouth full of rotten teeth and shouts, "They're all in it together, ya know!" He laughs and I take off.

When I get to wherever I'm going, I'm desperately trying to tell anyone who will listen that evil is coming, and to take shelter, but no one seems to care.

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  4/23/17 To Save the Wild Sun
Posted by: Eagle1 - 04-23-2017, 10:18 AM - Forum: DreamBot Runs - No Replies

Trending: drive amount lines save wild sun attempt figured yesterday link wolf truth buried falls month cousin bodies stop exactly concrete during carry satan angry finish giants sand kind finding downstairs
Waning: son kill young under focus distance today days guess quite another plane war follow red king low wed raven knight

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  4/22/17 Buried Bodies
Posted by: Eagle1 - 04-22-2017, 09:04 AM - Forum: DreamBot Runs - Replies (6)

Trending: aspect buried bodies king satan elements second spoke figured eye downstairs today choice covered changing cool fresh sand island self meditated future japanese till unfamiliar younger animal levels bay watched
Waning: bus chase sun paper dawn nightmare universe following god shred above quite doctor minutes statue raven done knight mon yesterday

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
WOW! This run is riddled with death. In the collective dreamscape, God is waning while Satan is surging. It's a dark run....unprecedented.

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  Home invasion
Posted by: ThePaladin - 04-22-2017, 03:00 AM - Forum: Public Dreams - No Replies

21 April 2017
No intention set

I'm walking through a house that's supposed to be our house. Glance out a window and see three big, burly guys dressed in full battle rattle-combat dress uniforms, body armor, helmets, the works-and holding huge automatic weapons. They don't see me, and I can hear one of them, I assumed the leader, giving them orders on how they're going to enter the house with no notice, get the drop on the target, and take her down. I hustle to find the spouse and tell him to grab the cats, head to the safe room, and call for help while I try and slow them down. He grabs the cats-who don't struggle which amazed me-and took off for the safe room. I get my .45 and settle to the floor in the entryway, facing the door. I brace my arms on my knees and wait. The door explodes open and the leader steps through, holding a battering ram. Before he can even drop the ram, I fire two shots directly into his face. He collapses. Everything is quiet. I wait for the others but I'm suddenly awake.


Our cats would not allow anyone to pick them up without a pitched struggle involving teeth and claws. They are not docile, by any stretch of the imagination, nor are they delicate little kitties. Big Grin

I really didn't plan to post this dream but I read TB9's dream about the church shooting and there was enough similarity to my dream that it felt necessary.

I was calm throughout this dream, ready to do what I had to do to defend my family. And I think my husband's call for help got through, which was why I was awakened so suddenly.

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  Perhaps this is why were had Forest/ cabin dreams
Posted by: twiceblessed9 - 04-21-2017, 10:47 PM - Forum: Miscellaneous - Replies (1)

We have had forrest and cabin dreams as well as bot run language for over a month. The Tennessee teacher who kidnapped a student of his ended up hiding out in a remote cabin in a wooded area of California.

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  Church shooting
Posted by: twiceblessed9 - 04-21-2017, 10:42 PM - Forum: Public Dreams - Replies (1)

I had an unusual dream last night and thought I should post it.

I was in what seemed to be a church which was my church, although I did not recognize it. I was sort of singing with the choir, but a row in front of them. Much of my dream was of me singing with them. At the end, a man with a large gun entered the church. He began moving from near the alter towards the back of the church using the aisle. He moved slowly, planning who he was going to kill. My husband who was not originally next to me, was now seated in the chair beside me to my left. I knew he would be a target for the gunman, a main target. I kept watching the gunman thinking, ok, he is going to shoot us. It was important for me to try and protect my husband so I covered him with my arm and head, as best as I could. I knew we would get shot but I hoped my husband would live. I continued to cover him but then also closed my eyes, not in fear as much as just not needing to see the act happen. I felt like, "ok, this is going to happen".
I then woke up.
* there is some day residue as I was watching a program last night on TV which focused on MLK. I decided to post the dream because of the word gun in today's botrun.

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