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Red Alert 7/23/15 Red Alert: Mind Wars with Korea and the Dollar gets Ignored
Hey everybody. I haven't been able to keep up the last week or so. Reviewing this thread is amazing! Little Kim from North Korea might be dead? (by the way, it is just me, or is his head just insanely big?)

New bomb-proof material for planes? Twice, how the heck did you connect that one? I can't believe all the stuff we're learning because of these bot runs. Thank you for these hits!

Twice: I searched and found out that kyle actually has a few appearances in our runs:

3/11: UP Words:     stairway laser non swim ignore submitted loading save pink semi hide members professor months race sydney lucid paint wolf gas penguin chased listening snap station kyle ever narrow fades festival lost secret opening

5/12: Trending:     mon beer blanket ritual sacred climbing foul flash transition alien shadow burned goodbye liquid cloud trust protected hill necessary dragon available shelf remove thank amazing shut bored kyle briefly confirm crushing mean notified

7/22: Trending: void glow black grave kyle rate impossible class gray eggs dream relevant spelling notified wrapping actual lightning leo dawn flight group card though alt forever valid payment icon cool frustrated added staying free upright welcome up than hitting lived view

Note that on 7/22, the lingo included 'impossible.' Well, check out the title of this article: "Kyle Busch defying the odds"

It seems that the collective was all over this win, but why? Because he did defy the odds? He did the impossible....coming back from a broken leg?
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