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10/09/14 Vaccine Caution and Cool Energy
million, billion, trillion?
Eagle, sadly, your math isn't an exaggeration. This is why if there was/IS a cure for Ebola, the money-monsters won't want the thing any more than those evil folks that are determined to reduce population.
Oops, I skipped the BILLION digits, so I made the change. Not nearly as many dollars, but still enough to make someone a lot of money.
Apple and Facebook’s Newest Perk: Freezing Your Eggs
Potentially HUGE news! It's not the "Cold Fusion" that dreamBot was looking for, but it's fusion nonetheless.

In my opinion, THIS is the more likely reason for cheaper gas...the oligarchy needs people to keep their gas vehicles!
ya but, that is a decade away... tis voting time and gas wars with the world.
But more than that, they are hanging onto world oil for dollars trade, which is slip siding away as we speak. :")
!!!!!!!!!! Free energy is here !!!!!!!!!!

Portable generators that run on water are here to buy~!

Let's get off the grid!!!

cost -
Where in Canada?!
Feel free to contact one of our customer care representatives at 1-905-576-4888.

New location at 727 Wilson Rd South Oshawa, ON Canada L1H 6E9
Joanie, I thought this was a joke at first glance! Wow wow, thank you for presenting this. I'm already wondering what type of huge tank we could afford that would absolutely keep the water clean enough for this generator so we could use it longterm, if need be.
More cool energy. This time from India...
I think one hit on this and another "potential" hit.

This is stats just within the UK and this report is brand new, of that HPV vaccine doing great harm, Yep....still!

Here's more than 1,600 pages of the actual reports about visits to the ER from this one vaccine.
Thanks to Judicial Watch for forcing this out with the FOIA several years ago. Note the dates on all of these, and just in the many more of these exist that we don't yet have.

Oh shoot, I forget what other headline I saw yesterday that is a potential hit, well will put it here when I remember.

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