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Chat Anyone? (NEW CHAT!)
Hey all Chat room participants, did you see a feature to where you could talk into a mike in order to post something in the chatroom. it! Download the android version of the chat software and it should have a built in mike. You might be able to talk into the devise to post!
the android version is 999$
LOL yeah you have to buy a license
Ah, I even noticed that. Some fonts are just incredibly hard to read.
my hubby does not allow voice chat either lol
Yes, the new chatroom is like a very colorful, playful new toy! did I say COLORFUL? LOL...

Windy was right, she said we may not get much work done on the, at the forum anymore. So, this late and I just came to welcome people! I confess~ but had some things to look up here, too. I got it all done.

Boss, ya did a great job of finding a new chatroom. Since at least when I was in there we got it to work with Windy and had a lot of fun, it really is a great room.
I like the ninja smiley face the best. I just checked in to the Chat room on my work computer. I didn't stay about a minute. I don't think IT would be ok with it. Big Grin

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