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Dream that deutsch bank fails and triggers the start of collapse
According to zero hedge a third Chinese bank Hang Feng with 200 billion in assets was taken over last night by bailout.
So how long can the bailouts last before the bailers (i.e. governments) need bailing?
Deutsche back down under 7 dollars to 6.95 today. 30 year treasury down to 2.133 with the all time low in sight of 2.088. The 10 year is only .45 higher than the 2 year yield anytime the 2 year yield get higher than 10 year yield something bad has always happened to economy, recession or depression. Argentine Peso dropped 30 percent to the dollar today and the Japanese bond yield curve started to invert on August 4.
Today, one of the news stations basically said Europe is pretty much in recession right now.
What is coming is going be much bigger than a recession or the great depression, however. Deutsche went back down six dollars and 71 cents at close today.
Down to 6.44 today despite modest wall street rally.
Deutsche ended the day at 6.36 a share.
This is big and looks like the beginning of the dollar drop. Behold the crumbling as egos flare.
They boosted back up to 7.07 today but 2 and 10 year bonds have inverted once again.
18,000 more layoffs at deutsche plus according to Reuters Deutsche has been involved in money laundering along with Danske bank which the regulators knew for 5 years.
Deutsche reported a loss of 823 million euro's for the second quarter of this year and stock dropped about 50 cents or so today.
It has been rumored that Deutsche bank filed for bankruptcy today. Will have to wait and see.
It stock price is back down to 6.33 today and it has more legal trouble according Reuters due shady dealings with Danske bank...this is a whole new investigation, apparently. The Repo's for the banks have been extended to 42 days now and they are still getting the money everyday. Deutsche did get 50 billion from Goldman Sachs for buying some their bad bank trash assets.
barely above 5 euros the stock now, this is the end folks
(03-12-2020, 09:31 AM)viejasombra Wrote: barely above 5 euros the stock now, this is the end folks

I need a "Holy crap!" emoji. DB is on the skids, big time.

Thanks, Viejasombra, for the information.
I dreamed it was down to 3.29 a share. It's at 5.15 right now.

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