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Hero Dies in Air Force Rescue Mission
Intention: December news event

Background note: We moved out of state and bought our new home a few months ago from Geoff, who is in the Air Force.
This is my first intentional dream in many many months, given our move and new jobs.

Dream: I dreamed that Geoff, along with a small team of men (perhaps 4), conducted a rescue mission;
I do not recall whether that was within the U.S. or not. They successfully rescued the small group of
people, but Geoff was wounded and died. His family was very distraught, and I can still see his wife
with long blonde hair, running and sobbing.

Possible Interpretation: The dream suggests an Air Force rescue mission, with one of the team members killed with the name of Geoff, Jeff or perhaps George or some other name beginning with G or J.
Hi Iris! Welcome back!

Thanks for sharing your dream. I hope your move went well and you are enjoying your new home.
Hopefully, the rescue mission will be successful without loss of life.
I echo Windy's welcome back! I find it interesting that this dream is somewhat war related, in that the character was Air Force. Note that today's bot run had a strong warning about war:
Thanks all, glad to be back! I am looking forward to finally having the time to focus on improving my dreaming and recollection abilities. I finally had the opportunity to review recent dreams and responses last night; some amazing ones there.

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