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dates that i have seen part 2
(03-02-2016, 08:53 PM)still Wrote: 3/5-9

A wee bit earlier this evening, a flash came before me; no reason. Just flashed like a subliminal
neon sign. hmmmmmm Huh
3 6 2/1=3 6
3/6/201 6

its a Sunday.
I think I'll watch my cat and if he gets antsy I am heading for the highest point away from it all
and taking food/bedroll/water with me.I am in California, which is new to me so don't know where I am
and am getting out to look around- bug out bag and all.
In the meantime, I create p e a c e and harmony in my reality. That is a P2 thing for me.

thanks Still.
March 8: Super New Moon Total Solar Eclipse (18:56) Pisces: 5:54 pm

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