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TRUST your dreams
One of the facets of dreaming I like is the 'personality' gets tucked away with the teddy bears
at night (or whenever) so that the great subconscious can process its art work in the dream-scape.
The trick is to remember it upon awakening.

Now to my main point about trusting what I dream. Why shouldn't one trust this?
There are so many layers to dreaming it defies this short post. It is already the subject of books. However, I am compelled to return to a long loyal outlook on 'timing' in what is considered precognitive dreams. I conclude the brain is tracking elements that are actually a 'process' that can take months or years to complete. Its why journaling is convenient for tracking the process.
Yet, in non-local reality that 'time' is immediate, the hourglass is gone.

Can Non local reality be measured consistently in linear quantitative scales, if at all?

I give an example here. Nearly two years ago many of the beginning NDC dreamers were busy dreaming and posting for projects and a certain meme came up on food; such as stores with no pork, refrig empty, tables of food at food festivals that no one can eat, rotting food, mandatory food. Something the dreamer just couldn't indulge in though the desire was there!

Oct 2014
Nov 2014
(new card to purchase food) needing micro chip to eat

Feb 2015

These are just some examples and of course food and eating was in many bot runs in 2015.

What was the dreaming mass consciousness saying and was it metaphorical versus literal?
After all there hasn't been a global famine (yet) nor a disaster to warrant the meme.
Therefore, I ask the question, could our subconscious be telling us something else that it knows;
(it is in the NOW) an event will unfold that may affect food for either the stomach or the soul?

I was listening to this radio interview (below)  tonight, which is also a video on you tube. I was researching other sites so listened to the show instead. I about dropped to the floor when the speaker talked about......drum roll.....

The new technology coming, the energy exchange system after removal of cabal in order to reset global economy the energetic of which is much like people bellying up to a food table but no one is able to eat yet! and how all of that will change for the better soon! Such a metaphor!

Well we've heard that before however, looking at recent headlines its all there and imminent, from central banks, to cashless currency, to impending collapse, and great change midst the chaos.

FYI at approx 1:26:55 the speakers talks about it.

The thing is I see the interview was done in 2014 and conveniently applies to right now..
Thank goodness something is expected to change for the better, and soon! Watching, welcoming.....and hoping it's so.

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