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Any Dreambot runs or Dreams that correlate to recent Earthquakes
Do we have anything predictive about our recent earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador?

Trending: earthquake tower 2016 last wed request gab odyssey cleaning sea forum random recognized walking court rush huge focusing unable horizon classroom afternoon up wandering neither bleeding fri dawn naked took ending lounge view towards group dressed march clothing handed knew

Trending: terrifying waterfall saving band camp class hundred meaning forget truth demons rock certain symbolize sat awakening odyssey april boss rocket yrs flowing counselor soft entering one laid waves pleasant pregnant wore slow pushed tower dollar two private surface view solid
Waning: throughout hey sorry ball colors shared possibly sign energy cat bathroom wake spirit experience rock worked shoulder sun often baby sound journey tree wed bank master bear reactor word robbery

Recent Earthquake Dreams

7-Earthquakes- 3-26-16-

Intended earthquake dream

Bazil sinkhow then massive mudslide then Chile quake
I put this here because my hunch is that it fits- or will fit in some timeline in the near future.
Interesting goings on behind closed gubmint doors
WHAT are they hiding?
Good points and observations from the govt employees.
GAG ORDERS on NOAA and Weather Service
That article was posted in October of last year, so it's been in place for a while. So if something's going on, it's been in place for a while.

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