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Project CO-MIND and it's associated Daily Report
Project CO-MIND is something recently conceived to provide a more enduring framework for investigations and research in collective-level influences. CO-MIND stands for Collective-Mass Influence of Net Distortions. If you haven't gathered thus far, the new discussions within the daily dreambot runs (as of about 5/24/18) have been focused on analyzing the trends in the Collective Unconscious by simply decoding what dream words are surging in the collective dreamscape. In the past, we have strictly been concerned about identifying future trends and predictions based on these linguistics, but now we are officially expanding the goals of the NDC. 

We are now also adding the new concept that the Collective Mind is influential in our individual lives. It can subtly influence they way we think, feel, and behave. I recommend reading an earlier post I wrote for additional background and history of the collective's influence and why so many theorists and power-hungry politicians have been so interested in it: 

But the Collective Unconscious is but one of the many forces weighing upon our individual lives. From astrological energies to mass propaganda and advertising, there are so many purposeful and accidental forces impacting the way we individually interact with the world. I may find myself craving a cheeseburger and even think that my craving is autonomous and self-created. However, I was blindly succumbing to an obscure billboard I passed without conscious awareness. I THINK I'm eating the cheeseburger out of my own free will, but I was not entirely autonomous in that transaction. This is not to say that we are complete slaves to these bigger influences, but the key to the level of influence is our level of awareness. 

Not all planetary and collective influences are bad! But acting unconsciously towards any objective is dangerous at best, even if you are currently carrying out a "good" unconscious action. Awareness gives us choices. Intentions behind our actions are indeed important for higher level living. 

Understanding the various forces and their current influences on your psyche is your first guard against being subtly influenced to carrying out unconscious, even unwanted, behavior. We will continue posting assessments about collective-level influences in the Daily DreamBot Reports. Right now and in the near future, the primary influence being discussed is a combination of the collective dreamscape (which hopefully covers anything affecting the collective unconscious including programming, mass advertising, recent news, holidays, mass emotions, etc.) and general astrology. Note that since we started talking about the collective influence, it appears that the astrological alignments and energies ARE indeed impacting the collective unconscious as evidenced by assessing the daily dreambot runs through the astrological lens.

Project CO-MIND will attempt to slowly increase and expand the coverage of assessment to eventually include all things affecting you individually from a collective standpoint on a daily or near-daily basis. 

If you have comments or questions please respond to this post. I encourage people to come forth with additional knowledge about collective influences. I plan to one day begin researching this phenomenon from a more quantitative standpoint, but one step at a time!
For those who are new to the site and/or unfamiliar with the layout of this big and growing forum, the Project CO-MIND reports will be found inside each of the daily DreamBot Reports. These can be found each morning at this link:

Don't forget that you can receive a quick, shortened version of the daily CO-MIND reports on the following platforms:


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