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8/10/18 Attention-Seeking Leo Energy
How to CIRF 8/10/18:  As the Moon enters its final zodiac sign before tonight’s Solar Eclipse, we have quite an interesting cast of characters in LEO. King Sun (ruler of Leo), it’s Lunar Sidekick, and Mercury all hurling towards each other and kicking up magical energies in their wake. The Leo energy of attention-seeking is clearly in the collective dreams and the greater Leo influence is speckled all over todays’ DreamBot run. There has never been a better time than with this Solar Eclipse to figure out or initiate or accelerate your life mission, and you can do it in pure Leo style today! Simply notice yourself. Notice your behaviors. How are you getting your attention? Is there anything different than your normal attention-seeking? Your only requirement is to ensure you are coming from your heart. Leo energy will encourage more outward-oriented behaviors and communication.  And simply watching yourself today with this collective energy could give you insight about the path you need to be taking in life since the magnified Leo energy is pulling it out of you! As is always the case with a Solar Eclipse, it’s also a New Moon. Double opportunity to start anew! The meditation today is tailored not only for the Solar Eclipse happening in the wee hours tonight, but it will be good for any New Moon in the future. Your Meditation is here:

Daily CIRF Report and Meditation:

Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):  territory vampire info universe map cliff less sending fox toward yelled lack oddly desire perhaps ocean direction literally king silver fought wrapping shot feature ways august joined split invisible bother 

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Background: Regardless of whether you can feel it or not, we are all being influenced by the Collective Unconscious. So many philosophers and social psychologists throughout the ages have studied and written about this phenomenon. Not only does a collective emotion/mind/influence exist, it secretly and subtly influences our unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This is not to say that all your experiences are determined outright by the Collective Unconscious. But if you gain more awareness of this influence, you will have more control over your own life and destiny. Read more:

How to read DreamBot runs:

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