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Prediction Financial Collapse
They changed it last night to 100 million every day. If they stop it on October 10 then it won't take long until you get a credit freeze and if they keep it up, anyway, it could still crash, anyway.
Maybe we are starting to see stock market affected by all the bad things happening in the economy now. It's been going down the last couple of days about 500 points today and the banks are still getting the backdoor bailouts to the tune of about 100 million the last two days and bonds are going back down.
Repo now extended until November 4 at least 35 billion a day...once they start printing money they can't stop.
What we are currently seeing metaphorically is akin to pouring petrol on a fire in a hopes to... Burn it until there's nothing left to burn in hopes that there will be something left??? The longer they delay the inevitable the more likely my 2022 4th July ominous Tombstone prediction turns out to have relevance. 4th July 2022 American Independence day... America's Complete Collapse which I'm guessing causes more protectionism and war which will simply not be tolerated any longer and thus feeds into some of my most recent predictions/dreams. Shock and Awe attack/invasion.

The details...
Will it be a controlled/planned collapse or accidental? That is the question. Smile
Watchin a thing on you tube saying that one of India's largest banks(PMC) has closed it's doors and failed today. 900,000 depositors are left without any access to cash and India has placed capital controls on the bank. In Ecuador the country has virtually been shutdown after riots due to tripling the cost of fuel and the atm's are down in Hong Kong( this was on zero hedge,too).
I thought I'd chime in, my original dream about financial issues was around Dec 2017 and it concerned Terrorist Attacks, Conservatives out of positions of power(UK) and World Financial Collapse. The dates given were 2019 during 2020 and ending 2021...
1. 2019 Sri Lanka Bombings
2. Theresa May and MANY sacked or resigned Conservative MPs(A lot more to go)I've had further dreams regarding this chaotic period(Brexit)
3. The pieces to the collapse are falling into place, Negative Yield Bonds, Negative Interest Rates, Repo Rate...

Brexit will only increase that market volatility, especially how I saw things going.

A good question how long is the Fed going to be able to keep using QE to stave off the inevitable? 32 weeks? 4, 8s...
Deutsche bank still isn't getting any of this money, however. They are going to cut 18,000 more jobs now and HSBC is cutting 10,000 jobs. GE is freezing pensions and offering a lump sum of 100,000 instead. It is really starting to unravel now.
90 billion needed in repo today despite stock being up. There is also a problem with what trump said about destroying Turkey's economy because if the Turkish banks fail it will drag the European banks with and the rest of the world.
104 billion in repo on Thursday and 56 billion today and somehow JP Morgan shows they had a great quarter most recently?
Market rigged? Wink
The markets are completely rigged, anymore. The big question is when does it all blow up to it's actually on the tv and people can't use their atm cards and all or can't get their money out of the banks.
Going to tuck this in here:

Rioting in Chile doesn't get much play on the news but it's bigger than you think: Chile protests

Throw that in with the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, which are growing more violent by the day. Hong Kong news

2012 was when the last domino was put into place. The intervening years have been dominoes falling. 2020-21 will be the final dominoes falling and, to mix metaphors, the entire global house of cards will collapse. I've been paying attention to behind the scenes reporting from different directions and they all say the same thing, that 2020 will be both the end and the beginning.

Leadership has been kicking this can down the road for over a half century, leaving it for other people to handle because they didn't have the intestinal fortitude to do what was necessary to hit the brakes and turn this rig around before it was too late. Now it's too late. It's irrevocable what's to come. Plan accordingly and as best you can.
Check out this DreamBot run....

Same day as DLP's comment in post above, "The entire global house of cards will collapse"
I forgot about the riots in Lebanon: Lebanon protests
This twitter feed popped up:

This is super scary

Just a matter of time now.
There was another bank in China they had to step in to keep it from failing today according to zerohedge. Yichuan bank with 62 billion in assets was rescued today after a bank run almost caused to go under today.
It has been rumored deutsche bank filed for bankruptcy today.
According to zero hedge a fifth Chinese bank has been bailed out now. Harbin bank which is a good sized bank was bailed out. According to The silver report uncut on you tube the cass index which measures the freight being hauled around USA has really started to crater in the last month and defaults on subprime auto loans are really getting out of hand right now. According to bix weir the Repo loans are still going strong they can't stop doing them now despite what they say.

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