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Prediction Financial Collapse
According to zero hedge article Goldman Sachs purchased 50 billion in Deutsche banks bad bank risk junk today. Another Chinese bank had a run on it but hasn't been bailed out yet(yingkou coastal bank) and it appears that about 13 percent of the banks in China are at great risk right now and about half would fail financial stress test.
According to zero hedge one of China's biggest precious metals dealers looks like it can go into default by December 16. Teewoo is state owned and once was in the top 200 largest companies in the already has been in partial default since summer. Bix Weir said it in all likelihood is sitting on silver deritives and can cause trouble in the silver market. Either the shareholders will default or face a 60 percent loss deciding on what they will do before dec 16.
If the tariff's with China actually kick in on December 15 you can bet that the stock market and everything thing else will go down...the stock market is down over three hundred points today on no deal on tariffs talk. According to zero hedge A Chinese company called China First Wealth plunged by billions in stock value last week.
Trucking company Celadon is expected to file bankruptcy this week leaving 3,200 people without jobs. It will the biggest trucking company bankruptcy in US history. The trucking industry is not having a good year with 640 companies having filed for bankruptcy alone this year.
wow. I had no idea
Trucking company Celadon filed for bankruptcy today(Monday).
and they told you everything was just fine...the unemployment rate was really 3.5 percent. The repo for the banks is now up to 362 billion today and one prominent economist believes there will be a crash due to it in next few days...if China tariffs(this weekend) stay put then something not good will happen and soon it will be obvious.
Trump canceled the tariffs on China today according to zero hedge.
The Federal Reserve is increasing the overnight repo's by 400 billion for a 30 day period until sometime in January so by the end of that period the overnight loans would be close to 700 billion to one trillion dollars.
So, are we looking at hyperinflation collapse or a deflationary spiral into the abyss?
According to zero hedge Tewoo once 132 on the Forbes list of fortune 500 companies officially went in to bond default today after not getting bailed out. It is still operating, however, but there will be fallout from it and have a ripple effect on the Chinese economy and's worth at 66 billion with 17,00 employees is the largest bond default in China in two decades.

The revealtions of the bible does seemed to say a worldwide hyperinflation event will come when it says a days wages for a meal basically. You will still have a basic infrastructure running until the icbm's fly out of their silos. One dream is that 50 percent employment until San Francisco Bay area is destroyed then everything else will go down the tube afterward.
India's "shadow" banks are in trouble:
I made the actual date to be around the end of February if when thinking economically it is rather a twilight zone period for any economy... no Christmas sales boost the "lull" dust settling revealing the true extent and damage of QE and either raising interest rates(Dire) or negative interest rates(Dire) basically backed into a corner.

So End of February 4, 8s... 8 weeks being an article I heard in the day only to get my dream saying 4, 8s that evening. 1st March 2020 or the day after as that is a Sunday.
tock market is over 28,000 now but more layoffs announced from US Steel 1,500 and over a 1,000 from Navistar(makes trucks) and 1,500 from Morgan Stanley according to zero hedge.
Auto sales were down in 4th quarter of 2019 with Honda down 12 percent and Nissan down 29 percent with gm and Chrysler fiat down 6 and 2 percent respectively and so far in January they are all down, too. The last numbers I seen for the overnight Repo was 414 billion a night(that includes the bond buying). Chrysler dumped something like 40,000 cars onto dealers late in 2019 they didn't want in order to keep from laying off people.
Collapse is accelerating. Pier 1 announced yesterday it is closing 450 stores and some distribution centers plus 300 at corporate headquarter jobs. Meade telescope company has filed for bankruptcy, too. 99 billion injected to Repo market overnight according to zero hedge.
Conveniently avoided a holiday announcement so as to keep people buying crap before they go under
Macy's is going to close 24 more stores...I think it was on zero hedge. In 2018 there were over 400,000 class 8 trucks ordered in USA but in 2019 that figure dropped to 191,000 class 8 trucks which is over a 50 percent drop in sales from was on zero hedge, too. Also on zero hedge, Great Britain had it's worst retail Christmas sales in 2019.
#59 Egon Von Greyers on fake world wealth.
Apparently, the repo is up $741 billion now according to bix weir on road to roota on you tube. There seems to be another $200 billion plus going into what is called the fic on top of everything else. This back door bailout is now larger than the back 2008 to 2009 public bailout which was 700 billion total.

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