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Prediction Financial Collapse
Italy was hit so hard by virus sales of new cars was down 98 percent with only about 2,200 new cars registered in April according zero hedge.
J crew filed for bankruptcy and Hertz is gearing up for a bankruptcy filing and some retailers maybe to broke to file for bankruptcy. GE's avaiation branch is permanently laying off 13,000 people.
Neiman Marcus filed for bankruptcy protection today.
Hertz has now filed for bankruptcy and Pier One will liquidate all of 500 plus stores. The banks are asking for more money now on top of the two stimulus packages.
Seems I was right on the money so to speak to the day.
According to zero hedge the bank repos are at 3.7 trillion overnight now. Everything thing else has been distracting how much trouble the banks are in right now.
I dreamed that only four big oil companies are left to buy gas from after all is done with the collapse.
(06-11-2020, 02:30 AM)JAWSAWTIKAL Wrote: I dreamed that only four big oil companies are left to buy gas from after all is done with the collapse.

That may be the case and definitely possible after 2024. 2022 for me is more of the catalyst for such an outcome but very probable.
GNC files for bankruptcy along with Chuck e Cheese along with HI Crush( a fracking oil company) according to zero hedge. Texas is shutting back down due to second wave on Corona virus and a lot of businesses are going belly up as a result.
Then there's the Wirecard saga:

Wirecard to be investigated

Quote:Bank of America Merrill Lynch cut its share-price target to 1 euro from 14 euros, saying customers may be starting to abandon Wirecard, while banks it owes 1.75 billion euros ($1.97 billion) to may be weighing the closure of credit lines.

“These developments may make the business unsustainable,” its analysts wrote in a note.

Payments giant Visa (V.N) said it was monitoring the situation, while Mastercard (MA.N) declined to comment. Wirecard runs real and virtual payment cards for both.
Chesapeake energy has filed for bankruptcy now.
The largest pizza hut and Wendy's franchisee with 1,600 locations has filed bankruptcy. Airbus is going to layoff over 10,000. Shell oil is writing off 22 billion in losses in second quarter and Zimbabwe currency went and crashed so hard they shutdown their stock exchange and halted transactions for a period of time. All of it was on zero hedge except the first the last three days or so. 19 counties in California are shutting back down, too.
Brooks brothers filed for bankruptcy and United airlines is thinking about 36,000 layoffs due to slow air traffic due to covid 19.
Briggs and stratton filed for bankruptcy and Men's Warehouse to close 500 stores. Silver price has been going up the last few days, also.
Well, my money is on the end of the PetroDollar in 22... I'm hoping as bad as that sounds to some of you that maybe American as that when taking one of my original dreams," A tombstone with the date 4th July 2022" would be most favourable compared to many other dire options.

Gold is also up...
An article in the guardian says the economy dropped by 32.9 percent this last quarter. It is the largest drop since ww2. Dunkin Donuts announce plans to close 800 stores and Disney announced layoffs. If gold and silver keep rising then inflation should follow.
The Turkish Lira is having trouble again falling to new record lows and it's in danger of collapsing it's economy( which could cause big Italian banks to go under and have a ripple effect) . Society General and Natixis banks posted huge financial loss for last quarter of the year. This was according to zero hedge today.
It was in the Daily a story about a food bank in Dallas having it's 4th food drive since the outbreak in March where thousands of cars showed up there(they have the pics too) where they gave out food to 1,710 families to over 10,000 people recently.
According to zero hedge 83 percent of NYC restaurants couldn't pay their July rent.
All these banks going under or being bailed out, it seems that pause they put on the 2008 crash with QE is coming home to roost. Bankers living their lives like disasters don't happen... like they were immune, an ironic term when taking the pandemic into account. Stupid men and their stupid money.

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