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Prediction Financial Collapse
American Airlines to layoff 19,000 in October and eventually to cut 40,000 jobs eventually.
Accenture to layoff 25,000 globally, Lord and Taylor to liquidate all stores( about 38 it was on zero hedge the other day) because it can't find a buyer, Coca Cola to layoff 4,000 and there were a couple of others laying off from a post I seen on godlike forum.
Disney lays off 28,000 today and Raytheon is going to layoff 15,000. American airlines got some more stimulus money so some but not all layoffs are going to be delayed.
More pandemic means more financial hardship... and the greed of corporations is currently making the Pandemic ten times worse, they will literally hang themselves.
AMC theatres has filed for bankruptcy and Ruby Tuesday and closing 85 stores. I seen something on you tube which asked hotel owners how long do they have until they run out of money and 60 percent said they would run out by sometime in March 2021. There are some big companies that doing well during this time like Mcdonalds and Dominoes but smaller businesses aren't able to stay afloat.
According to silver report uncut on you
tube Walgreens has had to close several stores in the area due months long organized shoplifting gangs. I was reading somewhere where Ford and GM are on the verge of bankruptcies within one year or sooner. Food banks are getting overwhelmed with food requests in New York once again and there has been no deal on the so called stimulus yet and people are running out of money.
Well, the next financial hazard I get... that is if I interpreted it correctly is 4th July 2022 a very major event. It was a gravestone with a date "4th July 2022" now as 4th of July is independence day I gathered it was a clue or it could be for me personally at this point everything points to a chaotic time for the world. So for now I associate it with this current chaotic time and leading up to.
It was on zero hedge two days where a sizeable company with a triple a rating defaulted on a sizable loan and in another article to due with China there has been so many defaults that one of the bigger banks is doing some more financial juggling in order to handle all the default. Guitar Center is going declare bankruptcy very soon they have annouced. According to epic economist on you tube 80 percent of New York City hotels expect to be out of business soon.
Back again....

Had another one regarding world finance yesterday as follows:

Nikkei Dow ______(Collapsing?)
Dow Falling...

A simple one to understand. I thought I'd stick it on the end here rather than beginning a new thread.
3m lays off 2900 and francecas files bankruptcy. I think form here to April you'll see a lot of businesses close like motels and hotels(about 60 percent say they don't have enough money to get past March) and other restaurants. I heard on epic economist on you tube Red Robin and Bed, Bath and Beyond have paid their rent for a few months.
Many long-lived companies here in the UK hitting the rocks, Debenhams UK and another large retail group before that and not forgetting the downsizing many of the firms here are undertaking Brexit being the primary driver and of course as in the US the increasing National debt bubble 2022 4th July... the stage is being set.

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