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Big-O Sick
I didn't want to gum up the trophy case, but I find this another indicator of our talent in Sherriann.

Unfortunately, we can't publicize the whole discussion that happened in the background, but her latest trophy is enough to see what the prediction was. That's located here:

Okay, now we have front and center, top headline on Drudge: Obama goes to the hospital. and before everyone laughs at the content in the attached article, let me ask you, "Is is LOGICAL to head to the hospital if you suspect either a sore throat or acid reflux? I hope you're saying, "NO" because that's the only answer available. It is most certainly NOT logical whatsoever, and thus, what is REALLY going on with big-O's health? I believe this story is a cover for something deeper happening, but who am I? A doctor? Nope...

The point is, this is either pure entertainment or something serious. Either way, my hat's off to Sherriann's amazing abilities.
Wow. She has an amazing ability to see connections where others see disparate stories. Kudos, Sherriann!

I have, in the past, had quite severe gastric reflux, and sought medical attention which involved a medical procedure that involved conscious sedation and was done in a hospital, so it is possible his hospital trip is just what the story says it is. If it isn't, he wouldn't be the first president to either hide or downplay his health issues.
I must concur with our fabulous Sheriann's projection. I saw it too but not as clear as her. Overlap time.

Like Woodrow Wilson, his first lady helped hide his illness. I saw that however, more importantly something goes awry in a 'procedure' that involves anesthesia. We shall see won't we....
Just a response to Obama's hospital visit.  I didn't see anything newsworthy but my step dad, a retired MD, stated the medical use of a CT scan was nonsense for diagnosing a ENT problem.  And it was not an MRI, that takes a lot longer.  I ran across this and like most of the alternative stories it makes more sense than the MSM.  There is obviously a cover up.
okay, maybe my healthcare/medical background and legal education has me over paranoid or is residue-
however, I keep seeing an investigation of doctors/physicians relative to something that was done- like a
procedure that either went wrong or was kept hidden when it should not.
Granted, the DEA has come down on sports docs like hornets chasing bees, yet this meme is not over yet; not by a long shot
Additionally, the AMA is far too politically/economically involved to allow whistleblowers to ruin their reputations and cash cow. Stocks would plummet
in BIG pharma and medical supplies/hospitals/healthcare industry.

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