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Barry Retreating...Suspect embarrassing + night in new york -- DreamBot 10/05/14
I think this is very spiritual.

People conscious after 'death', study says
I think NDEs prove we are not our physical bodies rather an unseen spiritual force occupying them.
It makes sense since everything is energy in different forms, vibrating, thus, nothing is solid,

Dannion Brinkley is known for his more than one, very telling, NDEs and has written several books about them.
Very cool timing of this thread's subject right now, and tonight's Coast radio. A Dr.Alexander is on Coasttocoast am radio tonight, about NDEs! I dig it. more synchronicity? as it comes in both small and big ways, I believe.

want to see some ghost?
World's 9 most haunted tourist destinations
Published October 08, 2014
Diver Finds Evidence Showing Giants Lived In Arkansas
Posted 12:10 am, October 9, 2014, by Aubry Killion
Yeah, it has people totally confused as to why the so-called Conservatives were all too happy about labeling the birthers as "Crazies" (best example is Bill O'Reilly). Why is it suddenly okay for people to discuss it that all the damage has been done? Everyone knew this document was forged by someone very high up who had no knowledge of adobe. The only palatable reason that I can come up with to explain why far-right spokes people weren't allowed to question something of this magnitude, is because it's a higher team, and that higher team poses as Republicans and Democrats without true affiliation for either. Republicrats....there's no difference in the two, other than cosmetic and inconsequential traits. It's a single party system, and the train will wreck one day once people realize that the new Republicans or new Democrats cannot undue the woes that have been birthed from on high.
Good point about considering metaphors and the bot runs. Does it make your mind go faster than your computer? and in as many directions as a good net-surfing?! Wink does mine....

LOL or like when you get married and then comes the FOXIEST, kindest hunk flirting with ya! LOL happened to me when working out at my spa several decades ago. (nope, I wasn't seriously tempted. Found out I had an innocence about me, as I didn't catch on for a couple of minutes)

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