Lucky Agents – This meme was exhausting!

Lucky Agents – This meme was exhausting!

There’s no word in the history of DreamBot that has been so determined and pesky as the word Agent. There’s no doubt that the collective unconscious has been seeing this story developing, and so we’ll explore the long linguistics trail. We’ll look at the word Agent to pull out some timing data, but we’ll also dig into the linguistics to see just how they resemble the eventual news.

Finally, we’ll follow up with implications because this is acknowledged by both the media and the linguistics that we’re looking at the beginning of something. Specifically, the latest torture report that the mass media is magnetized to is said to pose a big threat to US citizens all over the world (remember that….we’re looking at a global phenomenon).

Let’s begin with a chart. This cart represents the frequency counts of the word agent over the past three months or so.

The Timeline

The early half of the graph is important because it shows that virtually no one was dreaming about Agent for a couple of months before the first boom…a quick spike on October 23, 2014. I don’t include any data prior to August because there isn’t any. We started the DreamBot4 in August of this year, so we don’t know hat Agent looks like before that time.

Let’s now zoom in and identify what was happening throughout the latter half of Agent’s history (note: don’t worry about memorizing or digesting all the linguistics because we’ll cover that in detail later):

The first peak of Agent was also this word’s first Red Alert. On 10/23, the words that surrounded Agent made this strange phrase: “Lucky Agent sowing struck.”

Two weeks after Agent’s debut alert, it started what looked like a double top pattern. On 11/08, the linguistics coincident with Agent’s next spike said, “Kidnapped grade lucky press agent.” Wow, the agent(s) in question is(are) lucky (or they perceive that they are lucky or above the law).

Three days later, on 11/11, the false double top produced this phrase: “Flew pile security managed eye false congrats guess agent.” The most important thing to notice here is that the second peak is lower than the first, making it a false double top (at least in terms of the double top patterns we’ve seen so far.)

One week later on 11/20 “Press renaissance agent goose gang innocence” http://nationaldreamcenter.com/forum18/showthread.php?tid=371

On 11/25, it appears like a false double top because the hit count is less than the previous spike. Nonetheless, the linguistics is particularly interesting: “Agent press Lucy exploding lucky loss wandering Bush” http://nationaldreamcenter.com/forum18/showthread.php?tid=394&highlight=agent

One week later on 12/03, the increasing double top offers this word’s second Red Alert, and we titled the alert: “Red Alert (?!) Agent is back and traveling the world!” I came up with this title based on the obvious global themes in that run. http://nationaldreamcenter.com/forum18/showthread.php?tid=421&highlight=agent

On 12/05, we have the first peak of the only “true” double top on Agent. This time the linguistics said, “Physical violent named agent lower worry.”

12/06 completes the double top patter (DT) and poses this phrase: Japanese haunted fri agent glad village film days december Asian halloween included regular hang”

Within 2 days of the double top pattern (12/08), big news rocks the world: “Torture Report” finds CIA agents actually tortured their subjects and are expecting blowback from around the world: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/12/08/house-intelligence-chairman-rogers-report-will-spur-attacks/

Who wants to bet that all the CIA did was conduct anal feeding, sleep deprivation, and water torture? Yeah, right.


The Linguistics

Here we list all the various Agent linguistics and digest it all. This meme has been a doozy, but a couple of words remained surprisingly tight with Agent the whole time…

10/25: Lucky Agent
sowing struck

11/08: Kidnapped grade lucky press Agent

11/11: Flew pile security managed eye false congrats guess Agent

11/20: Press renaissance Agent goose gang innocence

11/25: Agent press Lucy exploding lucky loss
wandering Bush

12/03: (conscious title) “Red Alert (?!) Agent is back and traveling the world!”

12/03: Agent visual ship gotta spell besides dry press

12/05: Physical violent named Agent lower worry

12/06: Japanese haunted fri Agent glad village film days december Asian halloween included regular hang

Since it’s reasonably fair to say that the collective dream linguistics saw this event coming, let’s take a finer toothed comb and go through these phrases. Big picture, the thing that stands out right off the bat is the presence of the words “Lucky” and “Press” in this whole sequence. In fact, let’s go ahead and display another graph here…this one has me scratching my head…

It might be impossibly small to see the legend, but we’re looking at a combined chart of some various words that: a) apply to the news here and/or 2) were regular words in a lot of the linguistics. The legend is impossibly small to see, so here’s what the lines represent: Lucky (blue line), Press (red), Agent (gray), CIA (green), and Torture (yellow).

According to this chart, CIA never really spikes at all, and Torture’s only spike was over two months ago on 10/2. But all the other words are totally in harmony. That means Lucky, Press, and Agent were spiking together, and lucky they are, because this so-called “torture report” is actually making the CIA agents victims here, which is a sheer impossibility for them to be completely innocent.

Having been through my own form of torture (aka, genuine training in this very genre), it’s just about nearly impossible to stay level-headed while administering these “humane” (yeah right) forms of information gathering. Inevitably there is hate running through the blood of the person administering the protocol, and just as inevitable, violence breaks through the willful barrier, especially when they assume that no one is watching.

Thus, during the imminent stage of this meme coming to light, the linguistics bark out things like “Physical Violence” and “Regular Hang” and “Exploding Lucky,” but the biggest thread throughout the whole sequence is PRESS.

This is whole story is all about the press. I can’t decide who’s luckier….the press or the CIA agents, or even BUSH (based on 11/25 linguistics)! Wanna see the biggest lie of all?


The Bush family is so deeply embedded in the CIA, that this whole story is a complete lie. 100% chance this is a total, protective lie. You bet that Bush is lucky, and lucky he has so many friends in the media, too.

As for LUCY (also 11/25 lingo), the only thing I could find is a journalist named Lucy writing probably the most popular article about this so-called “Torture Report.” Wait a second…now it all makes sense….Lucy is part of the PRESS! By the way, this would complete the Lucy lingo right at 10 days time (we’re now tracking things like these)…


Anyway, Lucy reports that a Missouri senator said,

“This report would never happen in North Korea, or China or Russia,” she added. “If it doesn’t come out, then we all need to get comfortable with the fact that in America, the CIA has no oversight.”

Comparing does little to prove the efficacy of any decision, because I choose other countries who wouldn’t hold prisoners or do water boarding and rectal feeding at all. They have no need to gain information to begin with.

The last linguistics phrase on 12/06 really has me worried, because it seems to imply that our most severely treated victims were actually Asian, and this one seems to verify some of the stuff Ben Fulford’s been talking about. I bring it up because it demonstrates the dualistic power groups going head to head….the secret Asian black government vs the secret US black government. I’m especially wondering how many “Regular Hangings” the CIA conducted in Asia.



As for the timing on this sequence, it took 45 days to manifest from the first spike. I don’t find this particularly strange because that first spike was relatively lame, in all honesty. It barely qualified for a red alert. From there, it took 28 days to skyrocket to its all-time high and from there, 18 days until headline news about the CIA torture papers.

From the 11/20 all-time peak until the only valid double top, it took 16 days, and from there, it took 2 days.

So, one of the questions here is how sure are we that the first peak 46 days prior was actually a peak for this news and not something else? The fact that Lucky and Press were both present from the beginning of Agent’s rise at least diminishing the notion that Agent was just a loner schizophrenic word. There was a purpose here, there was order. We can’t deny that several words rose and fell together with strikingly similar patterns. Although that doesn’t prove anything, it does suggest a need for super big news that includes all those aspects.

Furthermore, the memes on the 12/03 run were so clear that we pegged the geography for this current torture news. Basically, there are pissed off people all over the world, and the linguistics saw it (or more appropriately, the lingo saw the lucky (i.e. protected and immune) agents traveling and wreaking havoc all over the globe.

Therefore, I hate to say it, but the 12/05 run might actually make the connection between the big AGENT story and what is to come. Specifically, December might end up looking more like Halloween….a “Regular Halloween Journey.”



Further news links:





Hmmm….another Lucy press writer: http://original.antiwar.com/lucy/2014/11/20/torture-war-and-no-consequences/



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