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Appearance on The Edge AM with Daniel Ott

Please join us August 12, 2017 at 8pm Eastern as Chris McCleary will make another appearance on The Edge AM with Daniel Ott. We will discuss collective dreaming (such as the DreamBot, Project August, etc.), precognition, and all about the new therapy division. We'll get into dream therapy, mental health counseling, and what all this has to [...]

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5 Reasons to Watch the Collective Unconscious (and where to find it)

Summary: We aim to show you the theories behind the Collective Unconscious, to demonstrate reasons to assess it, and then show how you can monitor it yourself. History Ever heard of the “Collective Unconscious,” the “Collective Mind,” the “Collective Memory,” or how about the “Superconscious?” Who developed these concepts? Most importantly, do they hold any relevance to [...]

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Update on the Transition

As most readers know, there is going to be a new face to the National Dream Center website. This old site has grown well out of it's usefulness, and it was built in a modular manner, which makes it confusing to navigate. The new site will only have one login requirement for dreams, forum, and blog responses. It's [...]

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NDC to Present at the 2015 IASD Conference

The NDC's proposal was accepted by the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). That means that I will be handed the microphone and stage on Sunday, June 5th during this year's annual IASD conference as I present some of our statistics and lessons learned from Project August. This marks a concrete turn in our journey exploring [...]

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Assembling the Pieces: Football, Asteroids, & Theater

On October 19, 2014, one of the most mysterious DreamBot runs took place, and one of the linguistics phrases that stood out (but the translation was impossible to ascertain at the time) was "American theater football escaping religious asteroid." As it would turn out, each of the big words in that linguistics would get time in the limelight, [...]

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Are you a Dreaming Prodigy?

Sometimes the most informative pieces of information get stuck down into the bowels of the forum, where only a few people ever find them. I thought this recent conversation was rather important in light of two items: 1. Recent problems in our website forms and database, particularly the DreamBase, and 2. The expected changes to our website in [...]

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